You get into a place and people have all these high expectations of you. They hope that you will do things like the other person, talk and operate like the other person. So bad!!!! You get trapped in their net and lose yourself……..

You start trying to think like the other person; you also try to dress and operate like the other person.

And before you know it…

Your creativity is gone. Your identity is lost and you start walking in the other person’s shadow…You even start feeling unappreciated because you are always being compared to the other person…..

Generally, the situation becomes blood sucking…..!!!!!!!! This is mainly because the more you try to be like the other person, the more you keep failing; this continuously seems like climbing a mountain with no peak…..

But alas the Lord hears your cry…..

He comforts and reminds you that you were created in His Image and likeness…. He tells you that you are unique in your own way and should not be limited to people’s standards; but rather trust in Him alone because He is the cornerstone. He alone makes the weak strong.

All over sudden, you later pick yourself up and start walking in power. You gain your authority and get up….You put on the garments of love and purpose…You also discover that you have a unique gift to serve out and that you are destined for greatness…

Love, mercy, kindness, hope and faithfulness become your values….Trusting and obeying God become your lifestyle…..and this makes the world a better place for you because you now know and understand that God loves and has good plans for you.

You start soaring on wings like eagles and are ready to face the world with God on Your side. Your smile is relaunched and oops! You finally have a reason for living.

Therefore, whenever you walk into a new place or position, always stick to your identity and allow yourself to be you.

Learn or unlearn what you can and do your work with excellence; but above all

“Let the giant within you awaken!”

©Words From The Pot


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