I call them theives, I call them weird.

They date women but never commit. When they commit , they start asking for “things” even before marriage. When they are denied the things, they threaten not to marry the women in question…saying that they are probably not ready for marriage.

Oh God, deliver us from such men!!

These are the same men who I think have twisted minds…

They tell their girlfriends that they are “ladies’ men” and enjoy flirting with other women. They also say that they find it easier to share everything with their cousin sisters and call them all the sweet nothings…. Can u imagine – they prefer to call their cousin sisters names like sweet heart, ‘mukwano’, my heart beat, my warmth etc with lots of passion,all at the expense of their girlfriends..!!!

Therefore, it is my prayer that ladies start pursuing focused relationships and run away from such men….who I think are not ready for relationships because they have failed to distinguish between girlfriend and family….

“A man who can not treat you like a princess is not worth your time…..”

Ladies, let us attach value to ourselves because God values us. We are created in His Image and if men cannot love us like Christ , then…….

I choose to stick to the Lord for He is my Perfect love; and anyone who needs me must match up to God’s standard……He should see me as God does!!!!

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©Words from the pot


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