You are known to be successful if only you are contributing to the life of others significantly!

To this thought, success can be defined as shown in the following statements as inspired by John Maxwell’s explanation of the acronym- SUCCESS in his book titled, “Be all you can be”

First and foremost, you need to select your goal that is something that you are going to gear all your actions towards. Your goal should be clear, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. It should be something that you are willing to pay the price for.

Secondly, you need to unlock your imprisoned potential by getting out of your comfort zone and trying out different things. You can only discover your capabilities when you try out different activities. For example, travel all you can, write all those poems, try volunteering as a tutor, record all the imaginary voices you keep humming in your bathroom, and many more. It will be one day as you are doing all these things that you will discover more things that you can do.

Thirdly, commit yourself to God’s plan by inviting Him to be part of your plans. We are encouraged to always make our requests known to God through prayer and supplication. This has played a great role in my personal life as God is always exceeding my expectations. Therefore, I encourage you to always have God at the center and you will enjoy all these blessings that come with obedience as indicated in Deuteronomy 28:1-14.

In addition, you need to chart your course by putting together all the resources needed for you to fully live your dream. Plan out our road map and connect with all the people you need on the journey before you set off as this will enable you to work smarter and more effectively.

Expecting problems is also another point you need to face. Every good thing usually finds resistance because people have a sense of what you are becoming and cannot stand it. The encouragement is that whenever we face problems, let our dreams strengthen us as we confront them.

Furthermore, you need to stand firm on your commitment. You are encouraged not to give up. Keep running the race till you win the crown. Napoleon Hill stated in his book that all wealthy men are persistent. Therefore, you need to develop persistence as a virtue on your journey to being all you can be.

Finally, surrender everything to Jesus Christ for it is the Lord’s purposes that shall come to pass at the end of the day. Allowing God to lead you empowers you through His grace that enables you to do mighty things that contribute a great deal to people’s lives given the fact that; People matter to God!

Inspired by the book, “Be all you can be” by John C. Maxwell

©Words From The Pot


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    Wow surely am blessed


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