Having a dream that goes beyond you is one of the main ways to living a successful, call it a joyful life!

Your vision should be too audacious that it seems impossible. Your dream should be God-ordained because, it is only then that it will touch other people’s lives. This is mainly because God is all about people and lives; and is always looking out for whom to bless as highlighted in Luke 12:32″Do not fear,little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

Andy Stanley, in his book Visioneering, he defines a vision as a clear mental picture of what could be fueled by the passion or conviction that it should be. It is this picture that will attract people to your dream because people usually desire to be part of great causes that impact people and society at large.

First and foremost, John C Maxwell reminds us in his book, Be all you can be that every vision has a price tag. This has greatly awakened me to the fact that regardless of anything, I should have it at the back of my mind that I have part of the bargain to pay for every dream that I set my heart on to achieve. For example, I will need to be patient with lectures, do course works and research for three years as it is the case in Uganda if I really want to achieve that Bachelors degree I envision.

Secondly, I have learnt that the price of vision calls me to have discipline to walk through the right process so as to reach my dreams. While on the vision I need to avoid short cuts because they usually make people miss out on lessons and blessings that tag along the process.

In addition, big dreams call for great faith and obedience. It is through obedience that I will be able to get the wisdom to follow through till the end. Faith will also enable me sail through those hard and trying moments along the vision journey. Great visions usually face a lot of criticism for example people will ask you hard questions that seem to have no answers and you will feel drained. However, the good news is that; in these moments faith will push you into prayer and you will see God helping you. What seemed impossible will become an “only God victory !”

Furthermore, great dreams require courage and confidence. If God has birthed a vision in your heart, the day will come when you will be called upon to make a sacrifice to achieve it. You will have to do so even when everything about it seems fuzzy. Sometimes you need to just jump into the unchartered waters and believe God to see you to accomplishment because “what God originates, He orchestrates” as stated by Andy Stanley in the book Visioneering.

Finally, vision has the power to cause you to give up the actual good for the potential best. I will therefore believe, keep refining my vision, revise my plans where necessary and watch God walk with me to the actualization of taking thousands of helpless children through education. Likewise, you too should live out your dream and share it with others because in the end when you win, others win and above all God wins..!

Inspirations from the book Visioneering by Andy Stanley.

©Words From The Pot


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