When I think of commitment, the phrase “counting the cost” comes to my mind. I believe that for each and every thing we set out to do, there is a cost to pay and commitment too has a price attached to it. Commitment is willingness to stand alone for the right vision, reason or way of doing things and God is counting on everyone to do the right things regardless of anything because the Kingdom of God is about righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit as paraphrased from Romans 14:17.

Overtime, some of us have believed the myth that we will always commit to serious things and I keep wondering what are “serious things” but get no clear answers. It is on this note that I encourage and caution us to learn to be committed even in the small things because that is where it all starts. To back up this suggestion, God also reminds us in Luke16.10 “He who [is] faithful in [what is] least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in [what is] least is unjust also in much. Therefore, as you believe God for your own organization, learn to be committed to the one where you are currently deployed. Serve diligently as you wait upon the latter glory.

Furthermore, commitment is a question of choice and not condition. You choose to commit for example your time or expertise to a given vision naturally as part of your character. Commitment is more of a character issue therefore, and this means it can be learned and developed. I have also grown to believe that integrity is one of the closest sisters to commitment. Show me a person who struggles to keep his word and I will show you a non committal person. In the end, your commitment is tested with how you act on your words. For example, when leaders are being sworn into office, they speak out all these promising words but the world is eagerly waiting to to notice their commitment; to see these swearings put into action.

Commitment is also not an easy journey. Like I said earlier, it has a price attached. And when there is a price in an equation, then there opportunity cost has to show up. For example, some people like Abraham in the Bible had to leave his homeland because he had decided to be committed to what God was calling him to do – father nations. On the other hand, some people will also be annoyed by your willingness to stick to the right path. This is evident in many boy / girl relationship where some parties fail to understand why the other would choose to abstain from sex till marriage hence many have broken up.

Finally, commitment calls for bold leadership which is clarity in knowing exactly what you need to do and the direction you need to take as defined by Andy Stanley. It is through commitment that you will be freed to do great things for God. Remember that every vision requires constant attention! It is therefore my prayer that God will help you to humbly come to that point in life where you choose to commit to what you are pursuing and stop being a busy buddy.
May you stay fully engaged and act boldly in the right path to achieving God’s purpose for your life here on earth. Be of good cheer because your commitments are valid only because God provides the grace to take you through.

Let’s commit to commit!!

©Words from the pot


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  1. Brixy Mwandu says:

    Woooww thanks for this has taught me a lot.

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    1. justynlove says:

      Glory to God


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