Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes a strong creative force towards achievement and success. This is because the will to do mainly springs from the will to know and this is perfectly executed through thoughts. For example, in the pursuit of one’s purpose, one is usually encouraged to assess one’s daily thoughts to know what breaks his or her heart or that one desire that never leaves the mind.

Purpose is simply what your life is all about that is; what you were created to do and it must be discovered. The purpose journey begins from the mind given that all great achievements were once great ideas.

We are therefore encouraged to focus our thoughts on purpose because it is only then that we shall achieve it; and what we achieve or fail to is a direct equivalent to what we think and therefore we ought to practice right thinking. For example, if we desire to be the greatest leaders the world has ever known, we need to cultivate thoughts on love, self control, peace while avoiding doubt and fear.

This is because doubt and fear are one of the greatest dream killers as they usually cripple down potential.The world has missed out on some great songs and recitals just because we still fear for our voices to be judged; something I believe is not of God.

In 2 Timothy:1.7 Paul writes that “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” This scripture has personally encouraged me out of fear so that I can freely launch out into maximising my potential.

Growing up, I always feared failure and this kept me from doing various things that seemed fuzzy, I could not even publish an article just because I feared for my writing style to be judged. However, ever since I decided to murder my fearful thoughts, life has become more meaningful. Trying out different ablememts of being a blessing to people out there has been an interesting journey. Waking up everyday to the thought of having an inspiration to write and share with the world has brought joy in my life and redirected my thoughts accordingly.

We are also encouraged to cherish the beauty that forms in our minds, to execute those gigantic ideas and visions we keep thinking about. Surprisingly, the strategy is simple –take a step of faith by launching out as you trust God to take you through till the end. No matter what we do, at the end of the day our lives usually tend to be tilted towards what we love most.

Passion is another motivator for us to complete our thoughts. It is passion that will get you writing that book or planning that easter mission to the slums among others. James Allen also defines achievment as completed thoughts and realised visions.

In conclusion, our dreams are seeds of realities. It is the thoughts that we build in our mind that will design our lives. You can only preach what is in your mind or what you know otherwise, you will be a fanatic just.
It is my ernest prayer that God helps us to direct our thoughts to purpose and continue to do mighty exploits for His kingdom.

May we lift our thoughts to rise and conquer while at peace because we are victors!

©Words From The Pot


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