Waking up today in the morning chill to the fact that it is Women’s Day got me thinking hard. Why? Because as great women have brought me up and I happen to stand on the shoulders of great men too.

Therefore, here is a thank you note to the men that have pushed me to being the woman God designed me to;

Daddy Godfrey Munyambabazi, thanks so much for loving and cherishing me wholeheartedly. Your love was one of a kind that only God can give me now. I miss you and May your soul RIP.

Elon Katweheyo, you have been one of the best gifts to me from God and I am forever grateful. You and Queen have labored from the point of God’s grace to ensure that I live as the princess I ought to be. Thanks a bunch and love you lots.

Mr. Arthur Malinga, you are that awesome Father figure I look up to. You have faithfully fathered me and together with Winnie you have showered me with love and God’s word. The fact that you acknowledge me as your family keeps me smiling. May God enlarge your territories.

Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe, in you I have found a loving heart. You are an only God parent to me and I am forever grateful. Thanks for always assuring me that love covers it all. May God favor your family always.

Benjamin Tumukunde, you are a faithful steward of God’s gifts. Thanks for allowing God to use you to help me view my story in a more positive way and share it with others for them to learn. You’re always pushing me to live out my potential and I am grateful. Thanks for speaking out the leader in me and may God continue to shine His face on you.

Michael Wami, the twin brother I never had. Thanks for being a ‘Paul’ in my life. You have faithfully stood with me through it all by God’s grace and I am forever grateful. Fat love from me and May God continue to favor you.

Andrew Nabaasa, thanks for being my prayer warrior. You are that bestie God blessed me with. You are always encouraging me to pursue my dreams and surely I will not disappoint. May God continue to strengthen you, the fruits are coming.

Alberton and Godson my blood brothers, thanks for loving me as your unique sister. God had used you to groom me into a beautiful and hardworking woman. You’re always advising me and surely I have learnt great lessons from you. May God bless you in greater measure.

Agaba Nicholas, thanks for always checking on and caring for me. You are special in your own way. May God continue to grow you in all stature.

Bey Abaasa, thanks for always cheering me on. I thank God for using you to make me smile in amazing ways. I am forever grateful. God bless you in greater measure.

Arthur Olowo, thanks for being my encourager especially in the area of writing. You are always pushing me to write and the best of it all you read my work. Thanks for loving me and truly you are God’s remnant.

My sons and mentees, I love you. Thanks for allowing me practice my leadership through you. God bless you Joshua, Cadillux, Charles, Eceru and my young brother Leon.

Finally, all my male leaders in their respective locations that is at KIN, Ignosi, DYF and Wami Foundation; thanks for being great examples for me to learn from. May God bless you.

I am the woman I am because God has used each of the above to grow me.

I am the Lioness Arising!

©Words From The Pot


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