A Gratitude letter to my Father!

Good morning My Father in heaven, You are worthy to be praised!

I write this letter out of so much joy for the good things You are doing in my life so far in 2018 and what You are yet to do. I specifically come to you with a greatful heart thanking you for blessing me with awesome parents who have loved me wholly.

Growing up, I had both my Dad and mum but later in 2007 dad passed on and I was left with mum plus awesome siblings. The world became a little dark for me in the following years. I also struggled mob in various facets of my life with a void of love inclusive because I missed my Dad’s unconditional love.

However, no matter the highs and lows, I still managed to go through it all by the grace of God. I was also able to fearfully continue to pursue my salvation journey long after some 3 years. Something I am forever grateful to God for..

When God asks us to mainly seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto us (paraphrased from Matthew 6:33); He is true to His word and I can testify of His goodness in that regard.

Recently, I met awesome people -The Katweheyos who have intentionally purposed to love me in an amazing way. First of all, the way we met is still surprising but what can I say, it was an only God moment! They reach out to me at all times, they follow up on how I am performing spiritually, financially, socially, physically and intellectually. Their love for me is so real that I have even allowed them to ask me the tough questions. I am overwhelmed by such big hearts created by God. God has used them to make me experience what true love is and I will forever hold them dear in my life.

My lovely parents thanks so much for loving me. You have selflessly allowed to be used of God to bless me. Your support for my dreams and the desire to stretch me towards my potential keeps me hooked on you both. And it is my prayer that God continues to use your family mightly to do great exploits for His Kingdom. Your children shall call you blessed. With long life God will satisfy you because you have been good to me. You have succeeded in making me forget my misery.

I no longer miss daddy mob because of your love that you have showered me with dear God . I love you!!
Dad king and Mum Queen, “mumberire abazire kandi mwankunda, byona ninsima. Ruhanga ali omuhanguzi wangye”

In life as a whole, everyone deserves to experience the love of God in any way at all times. Love is the way to go and I am glad I have tasted it. My prayer for you is that God’s love may be unveiled to you in this your season…

God, thank You for Your love through amazing people…!!

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  1. Elon Kay says:

    Indeed it’s Only God who would make our wonderful paths to meet and so closely knit us together. We are blessed to have u as our beautiful dota, Ruth Love.
    We love you and always will..
    Blessings. You are destined for greatness, u r actually already walking in it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      Amen. Thanks for loving me


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