Since last month, I have this one friend who has always promised to hug me whenever we meet and I find this so thoughtful and loving. It is a gift for me in this season and trust you me I am always looking forward to it given that this has been a really challenging season for me. I am forever grateful

Naturally, I am that kind of person who loves hugging. I will hug you at any one point provided I have a personal

relationship with you that is; you must be a close friend, family or special person to me. Some people attribute my liking of hugs to my background of being a mukiga but no, I think it is just how God created me. I was created to give and receive love because my father is love.

In the Justine world, I believe real hugs come with words of love, affirmation, encouragement, victory and hope. I also believe that each one of us needs a loving and genuine hug at some point in life mainly because the life journey is full of hills and valleys that call for hug therapy!

In addition, human beings are naturally born to give and receive love and this makes hugs necessary. Hugs exchanged for the right reasons keep the heart warm, they reduce pressure medically and also are a form of therapy according to research. This also means there are hugs given for the wrong reasons but that is a story for another day.

While I was thinking about hugs the whole of last weekend, I was reminded of the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. When he thought to himself and returned to his father’s home, his father hugged him and made sure a banquet was prepared to celebrate his return. This reminds me, hugs can also be used to express one’s celebration mood. I also assume there was a hug in the mix of God telling us to find rest in His everlasting arms. I have also for a long time imagined and believed that; whenever I tell God how much I love Him or call Him daddy, I receive a big hug from Him. I am always assured of at least a hug when I come to talk to God because in His presence there is fullness of joy.

I therefore believe that someone out there is waiting for a loving hug from each of us. Hugs carry the power of healing and joy. Just as God loves us and always embraces us in His loving arms, may we also reciprocate the same love to the people around.

Let us learn to love on each other. We were created to and for love.

A genuine and loving hug will put a smile on someone’s face today. Go out and hug someone for the right reasons today and watch glorious moments of joy and an emotionally healthier generation of people breed up.

Let love lead the way!

©Words From The Pot


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