Love Flows Through My Veins

Love Flows Through My Veins

Love Opened My Two Eyes As Our Paths Crossed.

Love Stood Silently By My Side As I Sold My Heart Into The Unknown

She Stood Right There As Love Ran Faster Through My Veins

Love Dragged Me Hard On Bear Ground’ Chasing Her On Bending Knees

Love Watched Her Stop To Give Me Her First Moment

Love Dug Through My Mysterious Wallet

Love Escorted My Lips For The First Kiss

Love Watched Me Throw The Keys Of My Heart Into The Ocean Of Her Loose Will

Love Held Me Bound When I Thought It Would Unlock My Everlasting Gates

Love Drowned My Energy As I Gazed All Day For The Strength That Hung In Her Hands

Love Heard All The Promises That Flew Out Of My Mouth So Easily

If God Truly Is Love; I Think I Just Found All His Weaknesses In One

Love Made The Soft Landing That Brought Her To All Places I Call Home

Love Runs Through My Veins

Love Thought I Would Convince Her To Stay One More Last Chance

Even When My Deepest Hope Told Me Lies Only

Love Whispered To Me That It Was Over

Love Went Ahead Of My First Tear

And Love Still Followed After The Last Drop

Love Flows Through My Veins

Love Watched Me Lay Down To Punctuate My Lamentations

Love Watched Me Limp To Get Over It

We Laughed At Me And Love Told Me Not To Be A Fool Again

Love Filled All My Veins And I Knew I Had To live Again!

Love Helped Me Sneak Out Of The Gate And Said You Are Stronger Now

Love Runs smooth Through My Veins because I Found Agape

Not Because I Have Not Been Wounded But Because Its Our Default.

Written by Dandan


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