Verbally POSITIVE!

Human Tongues.
If Only The Blood Had Saved The Human Tongue Too.
The Lord Would Have Come Soon And Very Soon.
I’d Be A Saint Too.
Heaven Would Visit The Earth Every Day.
Coz No Curse To Stand On The Way.
Only Praise.
Our Tears Would Have Been Meant For Joy.

But Negativity Has Dominated The Depth Of All Human Tongues.
We Are More Verbal With Negative.
Its Funny How You Will Rise Up From The Dead And Most People Will Still Call You A Corpse.
And Its Easy To Miss Your Testimony.

It Takes Courage To Stay Standing After Being Booed Down.
It Takes A True Friend To Stir Up The Creativity In You After Seeing The Weakness In You.
It Takes A Wise Man To Be Verbal With Positive.


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