LESSONS – A Kingdom Champion!

After reading the book titled The Making of a Kingdom Champion written by Arthur Malinga, I am totally convinced that God has called me to be a champion! I also believe that Arthur wants us to know more about who a kingdom champion is, what are his/her characters and expected assignments. Therefore, my lessons on some of the nuggets as shared in the book are explained below with reasons as to why we should know them;

First and foremost, he wants us to know who a kingdom champion is. He therefore goes ahead to define a kingdom champion as an individual who comes into agreement with God to advance His kingdom here on earth. Arthur strongly believes that God delegated the authority of managing the earth to man and therefore, every action taken on earth by God literally involves the cooperation of a human being.

He also highlights that God’s Kingdom agenda for the earth is stated in Matthew 6:10,” Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This is because from the start, God’s purpose for creating man was to help extend God’s kingdom here on earth.

The author also emphasizes that it is important to note that the character of a kingdom champion should reflect the nature and values of God. His/her heart should be after God’s own heart because it is only then that God shall send him/her out to go and represent for the kingdom. At all times, God first works on your heart before He sends you out so that you are able to obey Him throughout the process. God first changes you as an individual so that you are able to be an agent of change in other people’s lives for example God first dealt with Paul thoroughly before He sent out to the Gentiles.

Secondly, God also looks at the heart mainly when He is choosing a kingdom champion to demonstrate His power. This is because it is through the heart that one will resolve to do the right thing given the fact that integrity is what determines how far God will use you.

In addition, Arthur wants us to know that the main assignment for a kingdom champion is to impact the spheres of influence on earth with the culture of heaven because that is how the Kingdom agenda shall get advanced. A champion mainly participates in transforming society through the various callings, visions and dreams that he/she has. The author emphasizes that a champion does not conform to the world standards but rather acts on what God has called them to do that is; he or she must be proactive.

For example, in the Old Testament, the belief system in Babylon was transformed through Daniel for the glory of God. Therefore, a kingdom champion brings about change in all aspects of life as this is part of the transformation process.

He also wants us to know that there is an assignment for each one and it should be discovered while in God’s presence. He also encourages us to get busy fulfilling our discovered assignments so that the next generation is not held up by our irresponsibility. Our assignments therefore have so much to do with where God is calling us to impact with heavenly culture because we are all Kingdom Champions.

Finally, according to the author, the kingdom of God should be priority to any champion because that is what we were instructed to do in Matthew 6:33,” But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” We should therefore seek the advancement of God’s Kingdom instead of pursuing what is meant to be added.

We ought to have it at the back of our minds that our general mandate is to disciple nations for the Kingdom of God!

Inspirations from The Making of a Kingdom Champion by Arthur Malinga


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