The journey of falling in love is unique and everyone experiences it differently especially if it is intended to lead into marriage. Most people get onto the love journey with the question of, “shall we get married” as one of the questions in their minds.

It is because of this question that I was encouraged to share a few thoughts I have experienced.

Personally, I have learnt that when you meet your significant other, NONE of the following things done during dating shall guarantee you a marriage without him or her first deciding and committing to having you as His Wife or Her Husband ;

  1. Dating for many years
  2. Having your body chemicals reacting and feeling all lovey when your significant other shows up
  3. You visiting and meeting both parents and relatives of your significant other
  4. Your significant other saying the words, “I love you” to you
  5. You hanging with the friends of your significant other
  6. Receiving gifts from him or her
  7. Attending all important functions of friends and family together with your significant other
  8. Having your personal belonging at his or her place
  9. Having photos of you both framed
  10. Being his or her profile picture on social media
  11. Celebrating Easter, Christmas and New Year’s with the family of your significant other
  12. Going to church for the same service with him or her
  13. Running a business together with your significant other
  14. Public display of affection received from him or her
  15. You going on trips and vacations with your significant other
  16. You loving and missing him or her
  17. Other people affirming your relationship that is people calling you a perfect couple
  18. Having a strong financial muscle
  19. Your physical body attributes
  20. Enrolling for joint mentorship
  21. Having a spiritual confirmation. As much as you are sure he or she is one, remember the will to choose who to marry was given to man by God. God presents the opportunity and man chooses.

All the above are nothing but just good memories without prior decision and commitment.

You are allowed to agree or disagree with the above but that is what I have personally learnt from my recent not so great happenings. I am more than convinced that no one and nothing can stop a person who has decided and is ready to commit to the significant other from moving a step forward to marrying him or her when the time comes.

In a relationship, Love alone is not enough, there is prior decision making and commitment that should be added into the equation leading to marriage.

Dear friends, may be your prayers should be that God sends you someone who has decided and is ready to commit to you.

Be wise as you allow that proposal or suggestion or request.
Fat Love to you!

Blessed 2019 friends!

©Words From The Pot


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  1. Brixy Mwandu says:

    Woooww!!!!! Thanks for this.. It’s worth reading..


    1. justynlove says:

      You are welcome


  2. This is so true.

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