Stock Taking 1

The past twelve months were amazingly testing and God’s grace is what carried me through triumphantly. I said, did, saw, started and harvested many things. All I can say is #only God.

So, today I choose to take stock of my life for the past 12months thanks to my big sisters whose blogs have inspired me to do this. Racheal Kizza and Beloved Feona, Your blogs at “No Ordinary Scribbles” and “Musings of a quiet soul” have respectively challenged me to stretch my potential.

My dear friends, it is with great honor that I invite you to delve into my first stock taking,

I am:

Making: More time for my devotionals from Eunice Adubango’s 2019 devotional titled ,”In Relentless Pursuit”-A Devotional For Women.

Eating: Less sugars and beans. Enjoying fried Irish potatoes more, coupled with a cup of milk.

Drinking: More water and natural fruit juices however expensive they are.

Reading: The Gifts Of Imperfection by Brene Brown. I am learning to let go of who I think I am supposed to be and instead embrace who I am.

Creating: Content for my blogs and journals for my upcoming book.

Wishing: I was living my dream of taking children through education and being married to my husband with two children.

Enjoying: My new phone. It keeps me happy and away from toxic people and relationships and activities.

Wondering: How someone can love me so much to the point of being available for me most of the time. This is a rare experience in the past.

Loving: My three new friends God blessed me with in the last year that is Owen Ainobwengye, Vincent Omare and Clare Oyella. You are my treasured humans.

Hoping: I can run into the arms of that one person I truly love very soon.

Marvelling: At how God is showing Himself present in the very part of my life even in the least.

Smelling: A freshness of a new kind. God is doing a new thing in my life.

Wearing: My Emotion Pour Homme deodorant body spray. Great memories it reminds me of!

Giggling: At people who keep thinking I am dating my friends.

Noticing: The love for me in my very few trusted friends.

Knowing: That God is not dead. HE IS SURELY ALIVE!

Bookmarking: Psalm 8 in my Bible.

Feeling: Excited about the new season I am getting into and at the same time ‘scared’ of how God is orchestrating various things in my life.

Wanting: To go for a vacation in Zanzibar or Chobe Safari Lodge for a period of seven days atleast.

Playing: The “Holy Spirit” song by Meddy almost every hour. It reminds me of how the Holy Spirit is my Number one friend.

Wasting: No time with people who do not see me for who I am and those who are unreal.

Following: Noeline Kirabo and Eunice Adubango. Great Women of character and courage. They have greatly encouraged me to grow in Gods purpose for my life.

Listening: To Sam Adeyemi and Craig Groeschel. These men are greatly being used by God to teach me purpose and Kingdom principles.

Opening: Myself up to be loved on. I have been struggling in this area.

Talking: To myself a lot one of these days and to my matron.

Dreading: My dentist appointments.

Thinking: About ways of loving my mother more and being a better colleague at work.

Leaving: Behind my fears and things I cannot change.

Dreaming: Of that day when I will have 100 youth to help.

Learning: To listen without expecting to respond and love more.

Starting: To read the Bible prayerfully

Practicing: Consistency more.

Continuing: To serve in KIN Church, Ignosi Research and Wami Foundation.

Anticipating: A move of God in my life. A great one!

Thanks for walking this journey with me.

©Words From The Pot

I will continue to;

Live, Love and pray like never before

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  1. Winnie Malinga says:

    Lovely catching up with you dear Justyn…Let’s take stock again real soon…say this weekend at church 🙂


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