I learnt a lot..

Today is one of those evening where I enjoyed my reading sessions. I read the book, “Girls with Swords” by Lisa Bevere and I learnt the following lessons that I believe can help you grow in all stature;

#⃣It is always better to predetermine your position with decisive intention rather than have it chosen for you by passive default.

#⃣Now is not the time to draw back in fear. It is a time when we must rise up and flourish in love.

#⃣The most powerful heroic thing you will ever do is to be fruitful.

#⃣God loves it when we pray boldly without any shadow of doubt. Have faith all the time.

“Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.” Manly P Hall.

#⃣We will live our eternity in heaven. So it makes sense to learn heaven’s language.

#⃣Learn to speak God’s wisdom which is in His Word at all times.

#⃣It is pretty simple; hate lives in the dark, love lives in the light.

#⃣God gives us discernment so that we may intercede and not criticize. Intercession happens whenever light encounters darkness.

#⃣Worship and obey God. When you sing during worship, the portals of your life open up to Heaven’s provision.

#⃣When God has your back, the future is golden.

The complete revenge is forgiveness.

#⃣May the Lord open my eyes to see the fields surrounding my life that are white, and ready for harvest.

#⃣May God grant me wisdom to know when to be silent and when to speak, as I still my heart before him.

#⃣We must wake ourselves up! Or somebody else will take our place and bear our cross, and thereby rob us of our crown.

#⃣Just as Jesus was the word of God made flesh, our lives are meant to be testimonies of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to His word.

©Words From The Pot

I am a girl with a sword which is God’s Word

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