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The past 32 days were amazingly stretching. I saw God show Himself strong regardless of my status. I witnessed fully the providential hand of God physically and I am forever grateful. It was also one of those stretching and yet learning period for me. Well let’s get into it.

Loving: my alone time spent at a friends home call it the “Safe Haven” in Ntinda. This allows me to face the real Justine and evaluate my life for the better away from the world. Thanks dear for always opening your Home.


Making: more time for God and concrete plans on how to grow wholesomely. I am also making more time to serve with Wami Events in preparation to start my Photography lessons.

Eating: more fruits given the fact that I need more vitamins in my body as prescribed.

Drinking: ginger tea and more water. I just have to grow this pattern.

Enjoying: time shared with my mentees, my Whatsapp chats with my friend and morning devotionals- focusing more on vision a topic I am passionate about.

📷@Amazing Grace Gardens

Reading:Girls with Swords” by Lisa Bevere, “5 Levels of Leadership” and “Thinking for Change” by John C Maxwell. These books are the real deal.

Listening: to a lot of soul music but most especially a worship song, My Trust is in You by David G and Reason with me a song by Paul Okoye. These two songs are therapy to me as they speak to my inner Being.

Hoping: for a supernatural intervention and quickness in my life as a whole plus an opportunity for me to breakout And live financially free.

Marveling: at the providential hand of God that is at work currently in my life. Last week a friend sent me 50,000/= that I exactly needed at a time I almost gave up on life. I had not talked to her about anything that day and for sure it was Only God that caused her to do so. I love you my dear friend Kuc, just so you know you were a vessel used by God to answer my prayer.

📷@Park Enkadde mall

Laughing: at the arrows fashioned against me. None shall prosper because the Lord is my protector.

Following: Eleanor Nabwiso, I am inspired by the way she takes care of her family and still pursue her dreams. As for Flavia K. Tumusiime, she inspires me to be limitless as in go all out and exploit my potential whilst looking good.

Excited: about attending EQUIP A leaders meeting at KIN Church this month and my next travel moment out of Central Uganda. Travelling is therapeutic to me.

📷@Kashari, Mbarara

Thankful: for the awesome experience I shared with Timothy and Aidah Wandabwa as they received their bundle of Joy-Ethan Wandabwa at Case Hospital in Kampala. It was a bonding and learning moment for me. Thanks to Aidah for letting me be part of her life’s journey, I love you dear sister. Glory to God!

Noticing: the overwhelming reckless love of God. Generosity from Gwen my friend who went an extra mile to take me shopping for clothes and also spent 4 days cooking for me all the meals I was craving for. You are a gem my dear. God bless you.

📷@Bukasa, Muyenga

Knowing: that I am loved and matter to someone regardless of what I am going through and what my abilities are. I am of great purpose and value.

Asking God: for an Only God deployment opportunity and sponsorship/scholarship to go back to school.

Bookmarking: various quotes from my reading and listening sessions.

A bolder Justine ready to love and live an extra ordinary life while breaking out!

©Words from the Pot 2019


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  1. Winnie Malinga says:

    Lovely. You are really enjoying your life. That’s good

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