The past Month was an only God One! We are in a corporate prayer season at KIN Church, Kololo and I can tell you, I have seen God’s love.. Oh how sweet it is to be loved by the best. I witnessed fully the providential hand of God physically and I am forever grateful. It was also one of those fun filled season for example from taking walks with friends, to wedding, phone calls and spending more time with God and self and friends.

I can say I have enjoyed some peace even when it seems I am at the most challenging moment in my life…

Well let’s check out this season in detail; I am

Loving: my new self… So hopeful and I love my new hairstyle thanks to Mum Esther my sponsor. I am also loving my friends…Micheal, Puyo, Ezra, Mr. Perfect and Vze I am loving the fact that you desire to See Me happy and will make me smile even when I feel so low… You each deserve a long hug 🤗.

Making: more time for God and personal growth.. I sometimes over concentrate on the growth of friends God has entrusted me with and End up forgetting about myself. So I am intentionally choosing to better myself too.

Eating: Little food.. A bad habit for which I need help to deal with… Missing a lot of my meals of late which has gotten me anaemic too.. External help is needed here(feel free to inbox me). Thanks

Drinking: more ‘bushera’ as I am trying to keep my body hydrated.

Enjoying: my Whatsapp chats with Mr. Perfect and Gwen… Very real and hilarious ‘jazz.’ I am also enjoying my facebook posts celebrating my friends in Business. I am reminded that I am called to dominate here on earth.

Reading: my Bible and more blog posts of friends I follow.

Listening: to the silent whispers of my heart. Lots of revelations have been birthed from them. I am also listening to the sound of the birds in the morning, this is therapy for my heart.

Hoping: for a supernatural intervention and quickness in my life as a whole plus an opportunity for me to breakout And live financially free. Amen

Marveling: at how God loves me even after all the complaints and bills I have tabled in His chambers… ‘Chei!’ God’s love is so wonderful…

Laughing: at the people who gave up on me because God is birthing out greater streams of life out of me, greater mighty exploits that I cannot fathom.

Following: Beatrice Byemanzi@Bee3. This woman is goals.. 👌👌. I thank God for her life and with long life I believe He will satisfy her. I have learnt proactiveness from her..

Excited: about KIN Church 2nd anniversary celebration on 24th August 2019 with a Creative Night and a celebration service on 25th August 2019. This is my heart beat…cheers to raising and deploying Kingdom Champions into the spheres of influence..

Thankful: for all the prayers God has answered and the gift of life. I thank God for The Baliddawa’s wedding on 17th August.. It was an amazing journey to Jinja and chilling with lots of my awesome colleagues and friends. Grateful too for the Wami foundation skills training in Soroti that was successful.

A toast to: doing more life with my new friend Mandela. Very intelligent gentleman.. I am blessed to know him.

Noticing: the time my friends invest in doing life with me. Yes @PK, @Gwen, @Clare Oyella, @Owen & @Vze, #nsiima💕💕

Celebrating: My friends’ birthdays. @ Skillz and @Debby. I love you both.

Knowing: that life is all about God’s purposes… I just need to trust and obey and be faithful with the little..

Asking God: for an only God family home, funding for my driving school, sponsorship/scholarship to go back to school and wisdom.

Bookmarking: various quotes from my reading and personal listening moments.

A more loving Justine sold out to pursuing her life dreams while enjoying every moment as it comes. Grateful to God for all I have.

©Words from the Pot 2019


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  1. anitastories says:

    Beautiful girl, a beg eat food ooo. We need your big heart around to minister to us.

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