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Fashion is an expression and it adds to how you feel. This therefore makes it one of the creative arts that will feature at the Creative Night. This will be hosted as one of the ways of celebrating the testimony of KIN (Kingdom Influencers Network) Church making two years of raising and deploying Kingdom champions into the spheres of influence.

This is a night you do not want to miss as a variety of arts ranging from dances, songs, poem recitals, instrumental plays, vlogs, blogged pieces, artistic drawings to fashion shall be showcased.

It is to this effect that I took time to sit down with two of the KIN champions who are deployed into the fashion world and hear their stories of what they do and why they do it.

They possess visionary stories with them and therefore let us delve into a snippet of them and more will be showcased on 24th August 2019. (Written as shared by them)

First and foremost, meet RACHEAL NINSIIMA a trained entrepreneur and skillful artist.

Racheal Ninsiima is a highly gifted fashion designer who tailor makes items from African print fabric. She started doing this last year and some of the items she makes include Toilet bags, toilet paper holders, aprons, kitchen gloves, ladies bags, baby bags, bag packs, baby mats and many more. The sewing machine is her best friend and she sells the items she makes to earn a living and bless other people.

She greatly desires to solve the Unemployment problem in Africa through using her creativity gifts to make products for the global market. This too was her greatest inspiration to start. She also intends to invest her profits back into the advancement of the work Kingdom of God through the different plat forms.

She believes the church can support her talent by organizing financial literacy conferences for me to learn how to do business God’s way, keep praying for her and also buy our products and give us feedback.

By 2024, her dream is to have a fully registered company and a training school for people who desire to learn tailoring skills as she equips them with skill and principles of entrepreneurship.

She is greatly motivated by the appreciation given by clients who are wowed by the beauty of her products to remain doing what she knows best.

Her greatest challenge was capital to start and God came through for her through starting small and partnering with her Aunt Olivia who is established in this field and was willing to help her.

Finally, she advises people who desire to join the fashion industry not to give up and that they should have faith in God that He will finish the good work He started in them. In her other world, she loves travelling and adventure as this gets her creative juices flowing.

Secondly, meet MISS LEAH KALANGUKA , a trained Computer engineer and Fashion Designer.

Leah Kalanguka is a fashion designer who personally loves singing, modeling, swimming, hanging out with friends and making clothes. She makes all kinds of outfits from tops to shorts, skirts trousers… to full gowns and she has been doing this since 2017 after a few days of learning the tailoring and design skills. Regardless of her engineering world, she has decided to pursue the fashion journey due to her great love for making clothes and modeling.

Her greatest inspiration to do fashion is the need to build a brand that gives other young people especially ladies, an opportunity to express themselves through their hand skills in fashion. Her dream is to build an institution that can train and employ young people. By 2024, she envisions having a brand employing and training young people with a fashion culture that brings a difference and glorifies God.

Personally, she loves fashion and has been modeling for quite a while and she thinks what really made her want to make her own outfits was comfort.

“When you are a model usually you do not get to choose what you wear and sometimes I was quite uncomfortable with the outfits I would be given. I want to bring change in that area, comfort and smartness for my clients. Every individual would like to wear something they look good and are comfortable in and I think that is the trend we should take. For me, it is not just about looking good but also glorifying God. So I decided to bring change in this area” she says.

Her biggest target are the youth both in the local and international market thought not limited to them. She lives around young people and is inspired by their trends and creativity.

She feels a sense of satisfaction and joy whenever her clients are happy with the attires made for them. This in another way also motivates her to keep pushing forward knowing that she is providing a solution to people’s fashion problems.

She greatly desires to use her brand as a channel to glorify God and spread His word through promoting decency in dressing. She believes supporting each other’s creativity as a church is key. It gives a sense of belonging. So far the church has done that for her and encouraged her to use her talent to bless others and for the glory of God. For this she is grateful.

Her role models are Martha Jabo and Anita Beryl designs. And Jose Hendo based in London. She too hopes to be an inspiration to many young upcoming designers one day.

Finally, she could not hold back sharing with us how she loves her most recent creation that is, the outstanding Red goddess(as shown above) look and concluded by
advising young artists to start, and let God do the rest.

I once again invite you to come and interact with these awesome champions and more on 24th August 2019 at Cornerstone, opposite Protea Hotel, Kololo.

Come and we experience the creative world where the culture of heaven is manifested here on earth! 💃💃

©Words From The Pot

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  1. anitastories says:

    In-depth, I like it. Same industry, different individuals, addressing different dimensions.

    We clearly have different approaches. Reading each of our pieces, I could relate to the blogger uniquely as well.


    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks Anita for this kind compliment. True there is gold in uniqueness

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  2. There is an unstoppable rising within us the creatives. God speed and open doors moving on. I loved reading this piece, there hearts are loud on their passion. Very proud of this journey. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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