It has been an interesting month. One full of ups and downs, weight loss and gain, full of smiling and crying and above all full of celebrations. These 35 days were so hilarious and tedious. At some point I felt like I was already in 2020 and this usually happens towards the end of the year…’Chei’

Well, I invite you to join in as I stock take for this past month; I am

Loving: My devotion moments daily. They have been mainly revolving around love as I seek to understand love from the original perspective which is God.

Photo downloaded from Facebook

Making: More time for God and my photography classes. I enjoy these moments, lots of learning moments.

Eating: A lot of junk just to cool down the tension. This however calls for a lot of body cleansing and therefore I am

Drinking: More water to keep alive and healthy

Enjoying: My conversations with Vincent Omare aka Vze. He is that one person who has really been there to do life with me. I would call him that 2am friend. I also enjoy my match days at TSL 4-The Smack League, these Sundays be fun filled.

+256 783 729186 20190308_191159
Photo created by me using an app called Poster Maker

Reading: Called to Greatness a book by Moses Mukisa. This book is reminding me of who I am and the potential I carry. I have been encouraged and pushed to start and hang in there by this book… It is one I would recommend to anyone.

Listening: To a lot of worship music and thanksgiving lyrics. The Holy Spirit is greatly pushing me to thanksgiving regardless of the times and seasons… Sometimes I do not get it but I just have to hang in there and trust that all things are working for my good. #CalledToGreatness

Hoping: That things in my life are changing for the better and I grow in all measure and stature.

Marveling: At the Goodness of the Lord. He has protected me from a lot of harm the last being an accident. I am alive for a purpose.

Fiona and I. Photo taken by MediaPro Photography @ KIN Church 2nd Anniversary 250819

Laughing: At the days ahead of me. I have grace and courage to face each of them.

Following: Beatrice Byemanzi, babe is a Power House. I am learning a lot of discipleship from her and leadership nuggets from her.

Thankful: For ably attending Transform UG2019, the wedding of Andrew and Christianity Nabaasa plus the Introduction of Ivan Peter Otim to Joy Nakato’s family. Such moments give me hope that true love still exists.

Mr. & Mrs. Nabaasa 070919 .

Making a Toast To: The generosity of these Champions, Micheal Wami, Vincent Omare and Gwendoline Muyonjo. Thanks for loving me when I could not love myself. Thanks for always encouraging me and making sure I don’t give up.

Excited: About October! The Lord is up to something. Watch the space.

Noticing: Kuc Esther’s love for me. I love you babe. Let us continue to do life together.

Knowing: That I am alive for a purpose. I need to produce results and stop giving reasons. #BreakingOut


Photo taken by me at Transform UG19 using the Tecno Camon 11 Phone camera

Asking God: For favor, wisdom and financial breakthrough. I desire to help people perform better.

I am breaking out!

©Words from the Pot 2019


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Brixy Mwandu says:

    Woow!!!!! Keep up the good work Justynlove..I always pick a leaf from your writings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      Only God! thanks too for always reading


  2. anitastories says:

    Thanks for sharing, keep going girl. You really do celebrate your friendships, may God fill your cup as you fill others’ as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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