Dear Kuc Esther Clare,

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You lit up my world the moment you entered it, and you’re so oblivious to that. It comes naturally to me to shift my attention to you, and you’re none the wiser. I genuinely believe that you make me a better person just by being my friend and helping me navigate this thing called life.

Esther and I at home!

I have to admit that I often catch myself wondering what I did to deserve you. You came just at the right moment in my life, and you’ve stuck around through thick and thin starting this 2019

You’re the type of person who makes my heart warm whenever i am around you. You make me feel better without even needing to try hard. You’re the first person to lift me up and ask for nothing in return.

Happy Souls

Being kind-hearted comes so naturally to you. And I’m glad I get to be around you and have your kindness warm my heart as well. If I could go back in time to when I was in high school, I’d choose you to be my BFF a million times over.(lol)

See, you’re the kind of person that only those that never had the privilege of meeting you could live without. I love you! I am grateful to God for you!

If ‘full of life’ were human beings!

Because once you walked into my life, only then did i realize what it means to have somebody who genuinely cares about me. You find a reason to believe in me even when i don’t believe in myself.

You see, you’re way stronger than you realize. You’re a fighter, and yet you’re so sensitive and kind. You’re funny and you’re smart. You’re beautiful, and you’re breathtakingly powerful by God’s grace

Beautiful Soul!

I am forever grateful to God for you. Thanks for letting me be part of your world… I appreciate you and look forward to the better years ahead of us…

Thanks for my Christmas gift too… Only God…! You touched my heart and I pray God continues to reveal Himself stronger in your life. I love you and let’s get into 2020 with our eyes fixed on higher ground..

Peaceful Moments! I love you

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