I am highly favored
I am a Disease-Free Zone
I am crowned with glory and honor
I am an Economic Powerhouse
All my loved-ones shall receive Christ
Every day I receive good and perfect gifts

It is the end of January 2020 and I am so grateful to God for it has been a glorious one. Many victories have been registered, many lessons learned and life lived to the fullest.

‘Yeyii’. Stock taking 1 for the month of January 2020 is going to be a good ride ( I intend to continue doing this this year on a monthly basis.)
I invite you to join in:

Loving: The joyful version of myself plus my new hairstyle. Damn! It feels so good conquering my fears of long hair. Just to note; This year I am sold out to stretching in all my facets of life so do not be shocked when you see me do gigantic things.

Making: More time to worship God and hear from Him. An amazing experience chilling with God.

Eating: Lots of pork and irish potatoes. I just love these two dishes to heaven

Drinking: More water and water. My body is thirsty.

Enjoying: My devotions, dreadlocks,The SMACK League, phone conversations with my inner circle, January parties and my new responsibility of being someone’s Personal Assistant.

Reading: Many articles on entrepreneurship and relationships.

Listening: To many worship songs🎶🎶🎵. In particular I love this song “Salt of the earth” by Minister Michael Mahendere.

Hoping: That I keep up this momentum till forever.

Marveling: At the providential hand of God and all these surprises of amazing human beings He keeps allowing me to meet. I have tasted love!

Laughing: At the devil, he is so powerless.

Following: Dr. Eunice Adubango. Her level of leadership, how she loves people and how she walks through life is a testimony and learning moment.

Thankful: To God for Season 21 and Day of Prayer @Worship Harvest, graduation of my sisters Betty and Claire, my new friends Andrew and Joshua, Wami Foundation and KIN Church.

Making a Toast To: Life! I am alive and blessed. My father is King

Excited: About 2020 and my photography📷📷 classes, thanks to Mandela my teacher.

Noticing: That I have to be intentional about who I want to be and go ahead to walk that lane with all the courage and focus.🧚🧚

Knowing: That I am LOVED by the best and the Lord has crowned me with glory and honor.👸👸

Asking God: For clarity, favor, wisdom and financial breakthrough. I desire to keep helping people perform better💻💻.

Looking Forward: To the NGMP – New Generation Mentoring Program dinner🥂🥂🎂 later today and of course February – the month of Love♥️

I am a Lioness Arising!!

©Words from the Pot 2020