It was 31st January 2020 when we as the Alumni of New Generation Mentoring group (NGMP) were hosted to a Sumptuous Dinner by our mentor – Noeline Kirabo at Shanghai Restaurant, Kampala.
Lots of pleasantries were shared that is delicious food, ‘Only God’ testimonies of His faithfulness, joyful laughter, warm hugs, gifts and above all wisdom.

➡️It is at this point that I gladly share with you the wisdom, knowledge and guidance that was shared by Noeline as she blessed us;

She sparked off her talk by reminding us that we need depth in all that we are doing. For growth to be exponential, we need to grow our roots deeper as this also gives us more strength to influence to wider levels/spaces. Let’s get deeper in the things we do, learn more and better ways of serving our gifts excellently wherever God has placed us.

She cautioned us to be more intentional about everything we set out to do ranging from loving people, work, personal growth among others.

“Growth does not happen by accident. You need to be intentional!” she said.

Secondly, she encouraged us to have a clear big picture for our lives. Stand for something and this can be made easier after choosing a sphere to stand on and influence. After, that was when she asked if our Vision Boards we developed during the different cohorts were still alive, and we all replied in the affirmative. She then reminded us that success is a pattern that stems from what we do daily.

She then asked each of us to answer these questions;
✓ What disciplines do you need to pursue to be able to sustain the vision that you carry?
✓ What are you doing everyday that is leading to the big picture?
✓ What triggers on people’s mind when they hear your name?
✓ As regards influence, what is your niche and brand you are building?

She also made mention of the fact that Everything one is doing now should be in relation to one’s big picture and advised that if what one is doing isn’t in that direction, one should declutter!

She reminded us that everything you are doing should be a final presentation towards the big picture and that one’s vision is bigger than one’s present situation.

She concluded her talk by encouraging us to be committed to multiplying ourselves by raising other leaders. Investing in other leaders should be prioritised. We need to produce a ripple effect. We cannot be taking in so much and stay with it, we need to pour out ourselves into someone.

Let’s raise other leaders!

We ought to purpose to empty ourselves and this calls for sacrifice and knowing what’s your tribe. We need to find our tribe and run with it. Ask God for clarity if you are not sure. Vision and purpose come from/are discovered in God.

Finally she charged us to;

•Breakout and be better versions of ourselves
•Have a strategy on how to invest in other leaders
•Devise ways on how to continue influencing people without physically being there
•Value time because it is expensive…
•Train people so well that even without us they will train others

Let’s be unstoppable and unapologetic as we breakout to being better versions of ourselves while influencing for God!

Noeline Kirabo⤵️


Inspiration by Noeline Kirabo .Find more about her @ http://www.noelinekirabo.com

I am a Lioness Arising!

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