I am highly favored
I am always Ascending
I am a Disease-Free Zone
I am an Economic Powerhouse
I am crowned with glory and honor
All my loved-ones shall receive Christ
Every day I receive good and perfect gifts

Love still strong at 10 Years( Ronah, Evelyn & I)

It is the end of February 2020 and I am so grateful to God for it has been a lovely month, this time with the full 29 days as opposed to 28. Also many victories have been registered, lessons learned and life lived to the fullest.
I therefore invite you to join in as we take stock 2; I am…

Loving: My worship moments. ‘Chei’, it is so fun chilling and doing life with my father God. It is the season for getting back to the Secret places in all honesty with revelation.

Making: More time for my mentees and those that look up to me and vice versa. I am creating more time for my reading, writing and journaling too.

Eating: More irish potatoes and irish potatoes.

Drinking: More water, my body is just too thirsty

@Legends Kla for the SMACK League Matchday 12

Enjoying: My Dancing moments and watching my beach dancing videos. I just recently noticed that it is one of my major ways of relaxing and killing fatigue. I am enjoying watching soccer and rugby games, thanks to the Barclays English Premier League, SMACK League and Uganda Rugby Premier League games that I get to enjoy👌👌.

Reading: Andy Stanley and John C Maxwell books. These leaders have mastered their gifts and they serve them so well.

Listening: To more of slow worship songs. My song of the season is “Freedom” by Jesus Culture and “Awesome God” by Proclaim

Hoping: That I get to make more money to invest in other people. It breaks my heart every time I am unable to help someone get better because of financial constraints.

March 2020 Project @Wami Foundation

Marveling: At the loving heart of God. I am basking in it fully because He loves me even when I am at my worst as much as when I am at my best.

Laughing: At the season of my heart being broken. Ha ha 🤣🤣, no matter the wounds, I still love like never before. And more shall I when the wounds heal.

Following: Dr. Eunice Adubango and Moses Mukisa. Great leaders of this our generation. I am learning a lot of leadership principles through them. And Tucker HD for his interesting Musical career(He just won the Album of the year #Vroom! @ the #MTNUgHipHopAwards20)

Champions in their Spheres of Influence 👏👏(Photo Source: Facebook)

Thankful: For the gift of a healthy life, the people who took me for outings this February, my new friend Danny Love and other friends.

Making a Toast to: Being a better version of myself and starting on some of my most scary goals and dreams in my life.

Wondering: Why I have had occasions of getting too satisfied.🤔🤔First it was on ‘smooth coconut‘ and yesterday it was coca cola. Surely, I am having birth pangs.

Excited: About what the Lord is doing in, with and through my life. Great and New things are being birthed forth through me..💃💃

The Lioness Arising – Myself 👌

Noticing: The emotional side of me more. Always thought I was a ‘Macho man’ but ‘mehnnn’ I also have active feelings. I am a normal human beings who just tries to manage her emotions most times 😄

Knowing: That I can do all things through Christ my Lord. The God I serve knows how to WIN only.

Asking God: Wisdom, Favor and Peace at all levels of my life. Protection over Uganda.

Looking Forward: To the new month of March which comes with amazing plot starting with the SMACK League Season 4 Finale on 030120. Many good and perfect things are coming my way. I see a new wave of love and fun come my way…Amen

Blessed New Month! Be happier in March!

I am a Lioness Arising!!
©Words from the Pot 2020


4 Comments Add yours

  1. bridgetbrixie says:

    This is beautiful justynlove.. Girl your ways inspire me eeehh😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      Glory to God


  2. Winnie Malinga says:

    You are always ascending my daughter. Your leadership gifts are up there. I see your growth journey. .. Going up.

    Liked by 1 person

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