March is here, and oops I love it to the brim because it’s when all positive things are said about and to women..

I am also reminded of a beautiful poem I received as a gift from my mentor some time back that I would also want to share with you my friends. I believe all of us as God’s Crown of Creation can pertake of this..

The title is, “Mwana Weitu!” to mean “Our Child” in Runyakitara (one of the local languages spoken in Uganda).

Mwana Weitu!

You will be an ICON of an Era💎
Your life will sum a STORY of a generation You will NOT STRUGGLE with material things
The WORLD will be at your feet.🏆

You will point a finger and things will MOVE.
Your VOICE will make governments reflect
World LEADERS will seek your counsel🎀

Your children will gain instant FAME at birth just because they will carry your NAME
Please remain HUMBLE when this happens
Be our LIGHT through those darn lawns🌅

Mwana Weitu!

You are now our REPRESENTATIVE to the outer  world
You now embody our HOPES
Our SUCCESS is now tied to yours.

As your STAR continually rises,
As it BEAMS to the outer parts of the world,
Please REMAIN Humble🙏

Written by Benjie

Mwana Weitu!

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  1. anitastories says:

    Amen. The words of the poem are beautiful.
    Thanks Justine for sharing the love 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks too for passing by. I love you

      Liked by 1 person

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