You don’t have to remain in the same shape your pain left you in.
Regenerate girl!

Your breakthrough is connected to your seed=something inside of you that God gave you.
Protect your seed..and start producing!

Start producing according to God’s Word that He gave you. Act on God’s word.👌👌
You don’t have to see the end, All you have to do is to set God’s word into motion. Just start something…

Everyday wake up to change something for the betterment of others…

Give yourself permission to start where you are..!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃💃
Babe you are good ground, God is pouring out seed/vision/right relationships/right ideas. You are fertile soil.!!!! Start rejoicing about what God is going to plant.

You will have generational fruit connected to your name.

Just because you have failed, you moved but the place did not move. Get back to the place where God nourishes you so that you get access to release what is on the inside of you…

Go back to the place God promised to nourish you from.. Everything you need is at that place. God is waiting on you to get back to that place

Stop being so busy running around. Your strength comes from sitting down and allow God to nourish you.
Stop running…

God has watched you work long enough, it’s time for you to start seeing God work..
Everything that the devil meant for evil, God is using it for your good.

Sit down where God placed you and watch Him work things out. God is consuming all the arrows fashioned against you

Don’t give up on what God told you to do.
God is going to Nourish you!!

Refuse to be shaken… Surrender to God’s will
Don’t be afraid anymore

God is your rod and stuff…
May we have a pure heart towards God. May we trust God to do what we can’t do

May we make room for God
In our lives.

I love you!!💕💕

Notes from the #”Sit Down” sermon by Pr. Sarah Jakes Roberts @

I am the Lioness Arising

©Words from The Pot

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  1. anitastories says:

    Amen, may I make more room for God in my life.
    Thanks Justine for the prayer and encouraging words. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      Amen. I love you

      Liked by 1 person

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