Dear Justine Love,

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Dear J,

Sometimes the only way for you to discover if God gave you what you asked for is to step into a situation that forces what you asked for to arise to the surface.You are who you serve!

Always find out the source of the thoughts you are having because those are what you are going to serve to people.Be part of something that is moving. Serve God’s thought not just any man’s agenda.

Serve what God is doing. You can only know what God is doing when you nurture your relationship with Him.What you want for next year, starts being birthed inside of you this year. Serve what God is doing in this season.

Your annointing is the unique sound God has given you to shake the earth. Ask God to help you maximise His call upon your life. God has given you a double portion of annointing that will attract all the things you need.

Seek for opportunities that make a demand on your annointing and you better be willing to serve the very thing you asked for…

You’re an inspired woman of God. Stop thinking less of yourself.

Remember, it’s never too late to inquire of the Lord!! The power of the Word is to help you look beyond the present situation and see what is going to happen in the end.

Just because you’re out of water doesn’t mean God has stopped talking. Ask God for clarity on where you are annointed to you may live your life according to His purposes. The kings are looking for someone inspired by God. And that person is you.

Justine dear, stay producing what God birthed inside of you. You don’t hustle your way up, you serve your way up… As God’s vessel, Everything you do should be inspired of and by God.

Your annointing needs a certain atmosphere where you are connected to God. Your worship towards God is your atmosphere.

Move into the next season.. stop pouring water when God has elevated you to pour the Word’

May God give you the strength to step into what He wants you to do in this season.Amen

I am the Lioness Arising!

©Words from the Pot


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