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In this my life, I have been asked many questions of which some are hard to answer but do I have a choice. No matter how I try to live an open book kind of life, questions still show up.

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I love questions, because with them comes clarity.
In accordance to today’s challenge of FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions, below are some of the questions that I am usually asked;

1. What course did you do at University?
This is one of those common questions I have had to answer every now and then. Each time I am asked this, I usually first assess the reason as to why someone is asking then I respond. People are usually shocked at the answer I give. I also watch them get shocked…

2. Are you married or engaged?
This is one of those questions that usually gets me bursting into lots of laughter. People who usually ask me this are the kind that have issues with women who wear normal/ cocktail rings. I am that kind who enjoys wearing my normal rings on both my middle fingers and anklets. I just love rings❗ I hope one day people get to differentiate between the marriage rings and other types of rings…

3. Are you the last born child to your parents?
As for this one, I keep imagining what people are thinking… Well, I have grown up around so much love and therefore expect me to show up as my parents’ beloved child…yes…all I have ever needed, my Daddy provides..👏👏👏. I am loved and I joyfully live as one even when I am a middle born of 5 children… NB: I am not a last born…

4. Are you dating ……….?(put any name of my unmarried male close friend)
This particular question gets to my nerves each time I am asked. I really pray that people get to be at peace with the truth that one can have a close friend who is of the opposite sex.
Most of my closest friends are male and I love it that way.

5. What do you do?
Jesus! I find this question so interesting. This is mainly because people expect you to tell them like one word. Hihi 😄
Unfortunately, I am that kind who does different things depending on the season. People are usually confused when I tell them what I do but later get to understand that I do particular things that lie under one arm… I am sold out to dying empty, so you might as well find me singing🎤🎤 at some point in life beyond what I do currently…

6. Why do you easily love?
I really don’t think this should be a question but I am learning to accept that we have different opinions.
I usually respond to this with the truth that I love because He(God) first loved me. God is love and us being created in His image should evidence love while here on Earth.
Yes, we get hurt but that shouldn’t shut out our loving hearts. We ought to forgive and move on.

7. Who are you?
I love this question most and yes, I don’t mind answering it every now and then.
This is because each time I am asked, I view it as an opportunity to paint a clearer picture of who I believe I am and in the end we both benefit (the one asking and I).
This is a question I also find easy to ask any of my friends…

Life is full of uncertainty, and I believe if we get into the habit of asking questions be it to ourselves, other people or God, life will get more clear.
Clarity aids achievement of many goals.

If you want to grow, learn to ask questions!

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot

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  1. Winnie Malinga says:

    Clarity aids achievement of many goals. If you want to grow, learn to ask questions!

    I loved that closing. I’m definitely going to be more thoughtful about asking questions of others and more importantly of myself.

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