My experience giving something up!

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One can only give up something if they personally get a revelation of how dangerous or unworthy it is to one’s living “

Today, I will write about a personal experience of giving something up. And I hope it helps someone.

My experience giving up on alcohol consumption….

Hihi, yes I can imagine the look on some of your faces…
I once was an avid consumer of very strong alcoholic beverages let’s say 40% alcoholic content and above… Chei… This all started after losing my father, it was a habit I thought would help me deal with the pain dad’s loss had left in my heart. This habit lived with me for like 4 Straight years…

It’s not like I was addicted, I just used to drink once a week on one of those cool Hangouts with friends. I always looked forward to that Saturday/Friday night because I knew I would spend sometime with the bottle😄

Fast forward, I recommitted my life to God and received His salvation towards the end of the 4th year of my wilderness.. Upon this decision, my only challenge was to deal with this intoxication considering that I did not like its aftermath. My health was at risk too!

Little did I know God had a plan!

On one chiller day while at one of the beaches in Entebbe, I got myself so intoxicated after losing a Manchester United match to Manchester City. My body was so intoxicated to the point that I could barely walk. All I can remember was my friend holding my hand taking me home. I had badly blacked out!

I came back to my normal health after 32 hours with lots of water being forced down my throat. It was on that glorious day that I finally decided to give up on intoxicating my body with alcoholic beverages. I went ahead and asked 2 of my close friends to hold me accountable..

With God being my guide and helper, I was able to live an alcohol free life. I had to intentionally put boundaries in my life. I stopped attending certain parties. Whenever I would hang out, I would stick to my soda or water. My friends were always shocked but I thank God for they all respected my decision. I vividly remember a cousin of mine who up to today calls me a ‘bee‘ to mean that I only consume sweet things. He started calling me that after getting to know that I had quit alcohol..

Unfortunately, after a year of my body living alcohol free, I snapped into a drink up on one of the boat cruise parties I attended that year. I took only one shot of the beverage…out of a very interesting scenario. I was just proving to my friends that hard women do exist😄😄.

The following day after the cruise, while I was meditating about my life. It was then that I admitted that I had snapped and it was not good. I assured myself that I need to fully shut the door of intoxication to leave no room for the devil to pull me back.

I repented to God and I believed He had forgiven me. The following year, I started to discover a change in my senses and body responses. I noticed that each time I smelt an alcoholic substance, I would get terrible headache. My sense of smell was so active that I could smell alcohol from even a far distance… This meant I could no longer try consuming alcohol…

God had answered my prayer. Deep down in my heart, I chose to look at the headache as a way of God protecting me. The same continued happening till now… I thank God for keeping me away from those intoxications and I am glad I obeyed. With all the headaches each time I smell alcohol, I had no choice but to give up on taking it. Even for hang outs, I prefer gardens or restaurants or beaches where there is enough aeration so that I don’t have to hurt my body.
Just like that, I finally gave up on consuming alcoholic beverages…

Temptations still come my way, but I hold onto God’s word that His Joy is my strength. I choose to respect myself and keep healthy because I know I have a purpose to achieve. For sure, It’s God who helped me when I showed up in His presence, all broken and asking for a new heart.

I can fully testify that my body is alcohol free.

“Our bodies need to be healthy if we are to do all the mighty exploits that we envision.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the pot


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  1. Winnie Malinga says:

    Can you imagine the look on my face?! Hahaha, I’m one of those. But I’m so blessed by your testimony and fearless reveal. You are the Lioness Arising!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anita Kamba says:

    Reading this story I could relate especially to the part of setting boundaries in order to let go.
    Also I felt the depth of where this story came from and am glad I get to read it.

    Thanks for the testimony and beautiful story 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks too for the encouragement

      Liked by 1 person

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