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As a child born in Africa, receiving advice has been part and parcel of my upbringing even into my adulthood and it’s still ongoing. Below are the pieces of advice that I have received, implemented and would gladly encourage someone to try out.

•Love people
This is like a golden rule in my world. I grew up watching my parents love people in all situations. We always had someone share with us a meal on Sunday! Love is a choice one takes to fully do life with others. I once read in a book that “we love simply because God first loved us“. This statement jumped out at me and ever since then I have vowed to love and love. Even when I get hurt, my love never dies. I have discovered that loving people makes it easy to forgive them when the going gets tough and this is because Love keeps no record of wrong.
People matter to God, and if we say we love God, then we ought to love His people for they are His treasured possessions..

•Be generous
Right from home to school, I was always advised to share the little things I had like breakfast samosas. Yes, I used to even share my answers to homework questions my primary school friends can testify.
As I grew up, the idea of sharing was broadened to even intangible things like me sharing my time, resources, love, prayer, space, knowledge, expertise…etc
Everything around me reminds me to keep being generous with everything all that God has blessed me with…
Generosity is a language we all need to speak. It glorifies God and is an evidence of love.

•Respect and honor authority
There is a blessing that comes with respect. My elders have always reminded me to respect authority.
All authority is God given right from spiritual to political to economical to family .. etc. At all costs,remember to respect your leaders.
Below is one of those scriptures that bless me in this regard,
“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”
Exodus 20:12 NKJV

•Take care of yourself
I vividly remember my senior Woman teacher back in High school advising me to always take care of myself in addition to what my parents always told me at home. Care includes proper hygiene, eating well, cultivating healthy relationships, relaxing our minds and also having time for God.
This is something I carry with myself and have improved over time.
Even in this world that seems to force us to be busy, I am always reminded not to forget myself. One slogan that I keep telling myself is that the world will get better if I get better. I am therefore sold out to including myself on the list of people I care for/about.

•Keep learning
I picked this advice from one of John C Maxwell’s book I read in 2012 and ever since then I have never looked back.
I am always looking out for an opportunity to learn in every situation, or from a book, or from conversations…
Learning never stops, so keep learning. Learning comes with exponential growth that enables one to do mighty exploits one’s generation.
Learning also helps one make better decisions in the future.

•Ask questions
My father always told me to ask questions each time I don’t know about or how to do something. This is how I developed the habit of asking questions (I feel sorry for my friends who have to answer all my questions, you are my unspoken heroes👏).
I have also since discovered that I share my story easier when asked questions…
Asking questions help one get clarity on the matter of concern, it also enables one to get words of knowledge and wisdom that boost Personal growth.
Keep asking questions. Ask your leaders, Ask your friends, Ask God… I am sure the answers are always helpful.

•Be accountable
My parents always encouraged us to let them know of our day’s activities. My siblings and I were always reminded to communicate our movements like where we were going to play from and with who, what time class ends, who our friends were…etc. We had to also show our End of term school reports to our parents first upon reaching home from school…chei
Little did I know, they were teaching us accountability by us sharing our plans and them helping us follow through. This is something I have carried with me till tomorrow…
Successful people are accountable. You need to be accountable to authority, yourself and other people in your life accordingly.

“Charity begins at home!”
This is because I can trace most of the best advice back to my life at home and from my parents.

Today is my mother’s birthday, and I celebrate her for she has always advised us to love people and be generous.

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I am the Lioness Arising!
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  1. Winnie Malinga says:

    That is some of the greatest cross cutting advice I have read in one place. You are an excellent student of life. Happy birthday to mummy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks mum… I will tell mummy


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