Lessons Learned

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I am excited for Day 21 is here, it has been am amazing season of waking up to share something with the world. Grateful for such an opportunity to be unleashed especially in my writing.

We are still in a lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic ( a Disease caused by the Corona virus) back here in Uganda. It has been a season of doing literally 90% of work from home and I have in the process learned many lessons at all levels.

Below are the lessons that I have learned;

🖍️Faith in God is a good gift to have. I have learned that no matter the storms in life, my FAITH in who God is should never be deterred but rather increased.

🖍️Fear is to be avoided. I need to always run away from FEAR. It is indeed False Evidence Appearing Real.

🖍️I should never allow ANGER to reside in my life beyond 10minutes. I have learned that anger is a tool that the enemy rides on to stop me from achieving what rightfully belongs to me. When I get hurt, I need to quickly ask God to fill me with His love and peace. I also have to FORGIVE the person so that i can live in freedom abundantly. I need to forgive at all times

🖍️The POWER of life and death are in the tongue. I need to watch what I SPEAK/SAY. I have learned to speak God’s word into every situation. I have learned to speak more of words that call out God’s greatness in people or situations.

🖍️God SPEAKS, I just have to be alert. He is ever present and always directing me on the next step.

🖍️I constantly need to PRAY for our LEADERS in all spheres of influence that God continues to guide them. I also need to appreciate and respect their authority.

🖍️I need to have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with God, pray and study His word regularly. This helps build my faith more.

🖍️I am a DISEASE FREE ZONE, I am an ECONOMIC Power House, None of my loved ones shall did without knowing the LORD and for I am CROWNED with Glory and honor.

🖍️It’s possible to be going through SOMETHING DIFFERENT from what is expected in a particular season. I have lost weight in a period where many people are either battling heavy weight or are watching their weight.

🖍️Everyone ought to have an EMERGENCY fund, do proper BUDGETING and have a sustainable source of INCOME.

🖍️FOOD and SHELTER are real BASIC needs. The farmer is also more important.

🖍️HOME is a place where you can always come back to when everything fails. Family is your best gift from God.

🖍️Proper PERSONAL HYGIENE is indeed necessary in the prevention of many diseases. Washing hands with soap regularly is key in killing germs. I should also maintain the habit of carrying a hand sanitizer in my bag.

🖍️Knowing how to RIDE a bicycle is an essential skill. I have learned more skills on how to work with technology and internet.

🖍️LOYAL friends who are caring still exist. I have also learned to be open to being loved on by God through people I never expected. God has really BLESSED me financially, emotionally and physically through people I even didn’t know existed or loved me that real.

🖍️A person who was once your close friend can wake up one day and say that he/she hate you. This hurt deep but I had to forgive and allow the fact that I need to LET PEOPLE GO when they ask to leave. I have learned to respect people’s heart decisions and try love elsewhere as per conviction.

🖍️SILENCE is gold is certain situations especially towards criticism, in certain arguments and when required to respond to some questions or situations.

🖍️I need to consistently RESPECT the boundaries I set to help me get better. I have learned to watch what I feed on from news, music, literature and conversations. Each of these has a great potential to make or destroy me. Particularly, I have learned to stop investing in things that will depress me but rather invest in KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM of God’s truth.

🖍️I need to constantly be GENEROUS with everything good thing that God has blessed me with. I have learned to be a cheerful giver… And God has always provided me with something to share with another person.

🖍️I have learned to be PATIENT and PERSISTENT in Life. I believe that there is a purpose God created me for and it needs to be accomplished. I just can’t abort what God birthed in me. I need to keep walking till I win. I need to take on those challenges that seem too big and watch God come through for me.

The above👆👆👆 are life lessons that I will keep implementing and pass on the next generation.
I eagerly wait to tell the glorious story of how I made it through this pandemic to my children.

Thanks to each of you fellow writers who have constantly read my articles, liked and commented. You are my unspoken heroes.
Each of you is a great encouragement to me in a unique way. I love you❤️.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot

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