Dear Future Me,

#Ugblogmonth #21DayChallenge

Day 18: A letter to my future self


I wrote a letter to my younger self in one of the #lockdownblog challenges and I believe I would gladly write the same to myself in future. This is because I believe the principles in life usually stay the same, it’s just the ‘how‘ and ‘where‘ that changes.

Therefore allow me paste the same letter here;

15th May 2030
Dear J,

You are created in God’s image.
He is your number one lover!
Your parents love you and you’re their Miracle Daughter
You are loved and cherished!!

The world is blessed to have you
For you are a wonder and a beautiful soul
A heart of Gold is what you possess
Radiations of LOVE are emitted each time you smile, speak or hug.
You’re medicine to the hurting world

Never lose your sense of wonder
Always move in wisdom
Keep your head high knowing that you’re called to GREATNESS
The world is eagerly waiting for your manifestation
Because you still embody the oracles of Justice

No matter the stones that the world throws at you in life
Remember, to instead use them to slain the giant before you
Refuse to back down from any challenges
For the joy of the Lord is your strength
And you are an overcomer!

Eat all the good fruits you find and all crops that yield in the fields
Keep a healthy lifestyle
Guard your heart
Continue to lift up others, respect authority
And be the LIGHT that you’re to your surroundings

Excellence is your portion
You shall lack nothing
For the Lord is your shepherd
You are the Lioness Arising!

#Justyn Love


©Words from the Pot


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