What makes me happy

#ugblogmonth #21DayChallenge

Day 21: What makes you happy

Today is the final day of the challenge and I am grateful to the Uganda Blogging Community for all the Accountability exhibited…Thanks for setting us in motion out of our comfort zones.👏👏👏

What makes Justine happy? An amazing question to answer. Many things including good food and finishing assignments make me happy but below are the most outstanding ones;

• Time spent with God in His presence and Word makes me happy to the fullest. In God’s presence, there is fullness of joy, redeeming of lost souls, clarity on purpose, wisdom, discernment, healing, knowledge and peace amongst others. I guard this time jealously because my life is anchored right there. Everything that I get to do, enjoy or be part of emanates from there. Whatever I manifest in public has a lot to do with time spent with God.

A fun moment with my two pastors Rhian then Mark

A broken soul finding love and a shoulder to lean on makes me happy. Many souls are broken and are yearning to experience the love of God in all ways and hoping they can trust again. I am totally sold out to being a shoulder that such people can lean on. Each time I am able to love, be love to someone or see a person find true love that casts away all fear and heals the broken hearted, my heart smiles.

An individual finding someone to help them perform better as regards their assignments in life makes me happy. Be it help with basic needs, organisation, finances,editing, knowledge, guidance…etc. Whenever someone finds help that will elevate them to a better life be it from me or another person, it warms my heart.

After teaching her how to make a reusable sanitary towel

• I gather lots of happiness from walking a journey with a depressed/dissapointed/hurt person till they are able to see lots of light at the end of their turnel. Seeing such a person get fully back on their feet makes me happy because I know what it means to be in the dark part of life. Getting out of such pain is a testimony of a life saved and this definitely makes my heart smile.

Clean and organised systems and spaces plant everlasting smiles on my heart. I love doing things in an organized way and space because I believe God loves order. It’s easier to build clarity of vision through organised systems and clean spaces boost our health and are therapeutic. I easily participate in activities that bring about organisation and cleanliness because the outcomes get me joyous.

Myself at some Forest Park in Mabira Forest, Uganda

Celebrations make me happy. I am a firm believer that everyday deserves to be celebrated because being alive is a great gift from God. And great gifts are celebrated be it with a Thanksgiving song, proclamation, laughter, gratitude letter, cake cutting, beautiful meal, a hug or even just a smile. I literally celebrate every little milestone in my life for example finding an answer to question I had calls for celebration in my world. I love parties too in all types. Seeing people happy and enjoying the lovely moments of life makes breeds everlasting joy in my life.

Quiet environments also make me happy because they allow me to stop and think about life. They get my mind thinking better, and my body easily relaxes in such environments. No wonder, each time I feel tensed or fatigued, a walk through a quiet neighborhood or a visit to the beach on a week day when there are almost no people helps me come back to life. There is so much beauty in the quiet and still environments because right there I get to listen to God and myself without distractions. I love spending time in such places because it fills my tank and gives me great joy.

Myself at the beach

➡️A happy soul easily serves the world better.
➡️Be the reason someone is happy and in the end you too will be happy.
➡️Experience love and share it. It brings joy.

“True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”
Helen Keller

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot

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    Woooooooooooooow! 😍Now I know. I need to read out to you ASAP.

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    I am all ears


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    Thanks for calling


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