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Chapter: One
Book title: Rediscovering the Kingdom Expanded Edition
Author: Myles Munroe (RIP)
Copyright© 2010- Myles Munroe

The book is mainly about you and your passion to understand life. It is about living life to the fullest and reconnecting to your true self. This book is for us to understand ourselves and God’s purpose for us.

At the time of writing, Dr. Myles Munroe was founder, President and Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries. He was also the President of International Leadership Training Institute.
He is respected internationally as a best-selling author, lecturer, teacher, coach and leadership mentor.

Chapter 1 titled “Discovering the Origin of man and Purpose” is a great study on man’s origin and purpose – God’s reason for creating him.

First and foremost, Myles states that Man is the crowning act of an intellectual God and he exists as God’s co-regent in a world created for him. He further emphasizes in this chapter that quite obviously, if we seek to understand the creation, we must first understand the creator, because the original purpose of any product is only in the mind of the creator.

This chapter also elaborates that it is essential to understand that before anything there was God.
God” is not a name but rather a description of a character. It is therefore God’s inherent nature of love that motivated Him to create spirit children (called mankind) to share His Kingdom rulership. Man was therefore created for rulership and leadership! We were never given ownership but we are stewards.

Man was created with a Dominion Mandate over earth thereby giving him responsibility for representing the Kingdom Government of God on Earth as clearly explained in the book of Genesis 1:26-28. We are therefore accountable to God concerning how we use the earth.
Myles also states that “God’s purpose was to have His will done and the heavenly Kingdom come on earth just as it is in heaven.”

The Chapter ends with a section where Myles fully explains the fact that it was never God’s intent to establish a religion.
He highlights that God’s original plan/purpose for man was to;
• Establish a Family of spirit sons, not servants
• Establish a Kingdom, not a religious organization
• Establish a Kingdom of kings, not subjects
• Establish a commonwealth of citizens, not religious members
• Establish a relationship with man, not a religion
• Extend His heavenly government to earth and influence earth from heaven through mankind

Finally, Myles concludes by affirming that, “In Christ Jesus we find the freedom to rule as we had been created to do, rather than to be ruled by our own uncontrolled desires.” This can be achieved through being delivered from our religious mindsets and have our thinking re-adjusted so that we can take on a regal mindset.

I was challenged by this chapter to learn to think like kings again. Lay hold of the spirit and attitude of kings and always remembering that my kingdom faith is about claiming and living out the
Dominion Mandate!
I hereby recommend this chapter and book in general to anyone who seeks to understand God’s original purpose for his or her life.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot

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