A future letter to my Lead Pastor at church

MARCH 2027

Dear Sir,

Hoping that this finds you well.
I bring you greetings from my family here in Wakiso, Zion and Benjamin our two children with my Husband
send their love to your children. It has really been a while since we last met physically; but thanks to God for the creative minds that developed social media through which we are able to communicate

On that note, allow me testify that I always look forward to the weekly articles on the church Website – God is doing amazing and fantastic work through the media champions, Bravo!
Back to the drawing board, God is surely at work back here in Wakiso especially through the services being
offered and demonstrated at the Care Centre Branch where I am the team leader. It is always an only God moment whenever we get an opportunity to help or love on someone with something according to their
respective needs.

Therefore, there is this one key transformation story I would love to share with you today as a testimony of
what the Lord is doing;

One day, a certain lady whose name was Ruth visited the care Centre hoping to be helped. She had been directed to the Centre by one of her friends and was also blessed to meet the special ladies that is; Fiona,
Rhian, Josephine and Winnie with whom we were coming from the weekly management meeting that had been held at the Wakiso Centre that week. I there and then requested the ladies that we listen to Ruth’s story before departure something both the ladies and Ruth agreed to.

Ruth then introduced herself and told us that she was a widow who was seeking for financial help to get her two sons into school. It was a divine moment when Rhian responded in the affirmative that the sons were to be admitted to the Greatness Academy on a full bursary- thanks to God. Ruth was so happy and started shouting Hallelujah praises to the Lord God Almighty. Tears ran down my cheeks as I bid farewell to the other ladies who were returning to Kampala.

Thereafter, when I turned back to explain to Ruth the procedures to follow to ensure that her sons are ready for school when time comes, she made it known to me that she also loves farming but had no land on which to practice it. Without wasting any moment, I asked her if she was willing to join the “Great Farmers”- an organization under the Agricultural department. It is a group of farmers who are trained and
encouraged to practice the right farming methods and foster production. After being trained with demonstrations, they are later deployed to other geographical areas so
that they too can train other farmers. She agreed to the suggestion and promised to return the following day to start the journey. At that moment, joy filled the whole compound and it was evident that God is good.

Fast forward, Ruth’s children are currently flourishing steadily in their education for example her youngest son is so far the best in Class Three- thanks to God. The team leader at Great Farmers also recently
informed me that Ruth emerged out with the best performance and led the team that launched a Great Farmers Branch here in Sembabule where many farmers are being empowered to be better stewards of the
land resources through practicing the right farming methods.

All I can say is that God is good and surely people matter to God!
“There is so much joy in following the convictions God has placed on one’s heart”

In other news, my husband was able to identify a piece of land that is 10 acres large in Mbarara on which he believes the Leadership Empowerment team can put up a Leadership Institute over there to serve the people in Western Uganda. He also requests and hopes that this idea can
be included in the agenda for the next monthly Planning team meeting.

I also received an invitation from Philippine last week inviting me to talk to their youth about, “Key Principles to foster entrepreneurial development in emerging communities.” I have already contacted Jonan Kandwanaho and Winnie Malinga who are willing and available to join me on this opportunity. We will be flying out of the
country on 10th May 2027 to Philippine for the conference that will run for two days. My costs have been fully covered by the host. I also thank God for one of our partners who was available to be used of God to settle Winnie and Jonan’s travel costs.

To add icing to the cake, the services here at at CFG (Centre For Greatness) are life changing and the Series on Family have greatly impacted many people in addition to families being reconciled. Benjamin and Zion also always look forward to the Children’s church and they have tasked each other to at least invite a parent of one of their friends at school to visit and attend service once a month; glory to God!

As I conclude, I would like to inform you with great joy that we shall be visiting Kampala next weekend with the whole family and look forward to meeting your family, especially my husband looks forward to having a one-on-one chat with you.
Until now, the Lord is working and building His church! Greetings to all.

Yours faithfully,

PS: I fellowship with and at KIN Church

I am the Lioness Arising
©Words from the Pot


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  1. Winnie Malinga says:

    This future is a serious BHAG! To the future.

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  2. Hi5 to this future, God is able.

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