A thank you note!

#WinterABC2020 #Day15

An issue close to my heart – Gratitude

Each time I get to write, if it is not an encouragement, discovery, principle, opinion, testimony, scripture or lesson learned that I am sharing, it will definitely be a love story or note. And for today’s prompt, I choose to write a thank you note to each of my friends.

Dear Friend,
This ‘thank you’ note has been long overdue. There are so many things I want to thank you for, and I am sure I will still be missing some by the end of this letter. But here is a written token of my gratitude to you for being by my side in this life and making it all worth living.

Thank you first of all for accepting me and loving me for exactly who I am. This isn’t easy. I can be stubborn, difficult and confusing, but you love and accept me for me. There are days I wonder when you’ll finally come to your senses and move on and find a new friend, one who isn’t so complicated, but to my amazement, you never do. You tell me you will take the good with the bad, and when I question whether I have any good left, you are always there to reassure me and show me that yes I do.

Thank you for loving me even in my dorky and difficult moments, moments where if the rest of the world saw them, they would probably walk away. Thank you for understanding me like no one else does; if we did not have the connection we do, I cannot imagine how lonely and big this world would feel. Because of you, this world seems like a little friendlier place, one I can see myself being a part of happily.

Thank you for being my biggest fan. Besides my family, you are my biggest supporter, and I know that when I win, you win, and when you win, I win. In this battle we call life, it does not matter who is in my opponents corner, because I know I am always going to have you in mine, and that is the best gift I could ever ask for.

You encourage me to pursue my dreams more than anyone else, and I can tell that you sincerely hurt when I hurt — not many people care about me in such a deep way. Whatever crazy dream I tell you that I am going to pursue, you always believe I can do it, even when the rest of the world thinks I am crazy for even suggesting it. You are mu number one cheerleader. When something good or bad happens, you are the next person I want to tell after God.

Thank you for being a spark, a light in my life that no matter how dark the world around us gets, is always there to light my way and show me the way home. Thank you for laughing with me when God blesses us with a funny moment, and crying with me when God is trying to tell me something. Thank you for standing by my side in the greatest of moments and the darkest of hours. Thank you for being the one I share my fondest memories with: all the nights we stayed up really late, all the exciting adventures we went on and all the inside jokes we still laugh about today.

Thank you for growing up with me; for being there at every step of the way and creating some of my happiest moments with me. Thank you for all the memories I have shared with you and I eagerly wait for the amazing adventure we are jumping onto next.

Thank you for accepting me, loving me, and supporting me. Thank you for being your wonderful self, and thank you for being there for me, through thick and thin, even when I am at my lowest. Thank you for shining your brilliant light into my life and illuminating my world.

I am forever grateful.
With long life, May the Lord God Almighty satisfy you.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot


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  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    Your friends should be proud of you

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    1. justynlove says:

      I hope so too.. Some have expressed this. Thanks to God

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  2. Winnie Malinga says:

    Beautiful note. Your friends are blessed.

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  3. This is so beautifully written and comes from your heart. Not many people are able to be grateful for the people in their lives. You are blessed Justyn. I love you♥️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. justynlove says:

      I love you too…❤️


  4. Vicky Nabbale says:


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    1. justynlove says:



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