You’re My Resource

#WinterABC2020 #Day21

Recycle one of my old blogs and bring it back to life

Here we go;

The biggest puzzle of life is how to make a difference. And this is going to be the testimony of my journey this 2020.

Every one thinks so smart,
Young men seem to have similar ambitions, Marry big, build big, retire big.
And I am held up in a group and that is even much faster in vigour.

Yet in this same bigger group lies my greatest weapon. So I’ve invested in making influential contact with every one in the circle.

Each one as an intentional brick to my foundation. 
We are different walls but we are each other’s material!

My greatest inspiration is that I am not going to have a lot of time to make a difference.

Well, they all describe their purpose using different words but I know our targets matter most.
We do not even meet at the same table Because they are positioned differently. So already I invest in finding them. It is like setting a balance diet for my soul.

If time is our number one resource, my contacts come in as number two for me.

I am inspired again that we are not going to have forever in our life time. Yet we are all on the journey to the top.
The top of influence.
We do not even need crowns!

Each one of you is my crown and I want to be your biggest crown, this world belongs to us.

Written by DanDan

For Day 21, I thought I would Resurrect this post a friend wrote for me that reminds us of how people or our friends are a great resource in our lives.
I first published it on 3rd October 2019 and you can read it here.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot


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  1. conniedia says:

    😭😭😭super powerful

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  2. Each one of you is my crown and I want to be your biggest crown, this world belongs to us.


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    1. justynlove says:

      You’re my crown


  3. Vicky Nabbale says:

    Yes to being each other’s material! 👏

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