Avoid mediocrity, Be excellent


Avoid leaving things at a mediocre level when starting new ones.

Each time my friends are rushing to start something new be it a habit, venture, joining new church, or starting a new assignment; I usually ask them how the previous item of concern is performing or doing. On different occasions, some be on the right track while others are simply running a mediocre race. Those on the right track, I cheer them on while those on the latter I usually encourage them to ensure that the previous assignment is at a stage where it can fly on it’s own or in another capable person’s hand before they can run to start a new one. (All this I do when allowed to share my mind on one’s course of life)

The reason I keep asking is because of the fact that one cannot keep doing mediocre work and expect great results.
Be excellent! Before jumping onto a new thing or assignment, make sure that the previous is in position to fly on its own or is in capable hands that will produce the desired results.

Personally, I have learned this in very basic ways not business wise as many want to think. (I am still on the journey for my investment empire to take off). I have learned to avoid mediocrity starting with just simple Bible plans on the YouVersion Bible App. I used to be that type who would just hope onto every Bible plan I am invited to join in and before I knew it I would find myself with 5 or more Bible plans to follow through and these would confuse me because they are each talking about something different and before I knew it I would be struggling to finish them or even fail to complete some. Studying God’s word should not be a struggle for us but it was for my case. It was until one day in May when I awoke to the fact that I was chewing more than I can bite. I was rushing to start different plans which would end up chocking my devotion time. I got the revelation then to always take up one Bible plan, do it to well to completion then take on another. This has made my devotion easier and lighter and more meaningful to nourish my spirit man.

I believe the same principle of pursuing excellence and starting to finish can be applied in various aspects of our lives be it work, business, projects and helping people.
I like to tell my fellow leaders to always do things excellently or leave them in capable hands before moving on to the next. Let’s say one is running a project on children, grow it to a point at which it can fly on it’s own or delegate it’s authority to a capable leader who will produce the desired results before starting a new project on adults (this is in consideration of your capacity).
Hip hoping onto different projects at the same times brings about confusion, wastage of resources, fatigue in the human body and inattention to results.
There is gold in taking one step at time. There is no need to rush!

Therefore in all my dealings, I vow to avoid mediocrity. I refuse to bite more than I can chew and I have learned to say no to assignments I clearly know I will not deliver on to the maximum. I love doing things excellently and it’s something I look out for in most of my assignments…

My prayer is that you too, will pursue excellence in your life assignments, Kick mediocrity out of your lives and watch yourself thrive towards success.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot


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  1. I like the term mediocre race, what a disease in our generation!……..Being a reformed perfectionist……I can’t agree more.

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    1. justynlove says:

      I know right. It’s a disease we need to run from

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