I am thriving
I am highly favored
I am always Ascending
I am a Disease-Free Zone
I am an Economic Powerhouse
I am crowned with glory and honor
All my loved-ones shall get born again
Every day I receive good and perfect gifts

July! July! July!

A month and a half😄
One that saw me sliding down to the bottom emotionally and yet still saw me conquer some mountains, make new friends and lose some weight.

It has been a special month that got me watching the last 3 seasons of Empire and reading close to 7 books… Chei
But above all, I was reminded to get back to my first love, draw closer to God and be intimate with Him through prayer and His Word.

Hello my friends, allow me take you through my 31 days of July;

I have been;

Making: More time for myself, reading and worshiping God.

Eating: Lots of pressed bananas. We call them ‘matooke’ in Luganda- a Bantu tribe in Uganda.

Drinking: More cold water… Recently discovered that I love it a lot. Been drinking lots of coca cola soda too (a drink that helps me calm down emotionally though I am a work in progress as regards stopping such high consumption of soda).

Reading: Many books and one of my best was A letter to my daughter by Maya Angelou and the Gifts of imperfection by Breene Brown. These altogether were a great encouragement .

Books I read in JULY

Wanting: To own a laptop as this will make my writing and other work easier. Currently, I use my phone but it is tiring.

Wasting: No time in helping people who are in need of extra hands or minds or company or someone to listen to them. For this reason I was born.

Creating: More content, time to physically meet my close friends and clarity about my life pursuit. All by God’s grace.

Wishing: I had a larger financial muscle to help people invest in their businesses/projects and reach to the world more.

Wondering: Why people struggle to express themselves. I want to do some personal research in this area.

Hoping: That the victory over COVID19 manifests to greater heights and larger spaces all for the glory of God. I hope many more people keep getting healed.

Marvelling: At the saving and healing power of God. He showed up when I least expected Him to and picked me out of the murry clay… He has made me whole again.

Smelling: New beginnings, Love and Wisdom coming our way.

Wearing: More of denim and t-shirts

Following: Billy Chapata for his writings, Dr. Eunice Adubango for her leadership and Maverick City who’s songs have greatly spoken to me in this season.

Noticing: How God is literally carrying my hand out of this tough moment. He is literally encouraging each day be it through His Word, people or nature. He is right there with me,this I can testify.

Knowing: That with God by my side, I can do all things and will win. The story will end well.

Bookmarking: Verses in my Bible and quotes in the books I am reading.☑️

Feeling: Like going to the beach with my favorite person till sun sets throughout the night so we can watch the moon and stars together.🥰

Looking forward: To the month of August because #I_AM_BACK. More exploits to make and life to live better🎊

This August my life theme is #I_Am_Back

Enjoy the new month… It’s a new season?

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    Nice recap


  2. Praying for that laptop to come ASAP……plus tag me along that beach outting….😉


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