Of Daddy-Daughter relationships

#Daddy_Issues #Dear_Father_and_Daughter

“Our relationship with our fathers determines our ability to relate with God. How we receive from Him too.”

Fatherhood is mostly the responsibility of provision, nurturing and protection.
All you bring to the table of parenting as a father is what you have experienced or what your definition of fatherhood is. Fathers have to learn what girls need from a fathers. Most girls want to get validation, acceptance, affirmation from a father.
The first victory for a man is not quitting on his family.
Funny how everything a daughter wants is similar to what a father wants😄

I am his beloved daughter! I know he loves and prays the best for me as his beloved.

Father and daughter relationships can only thrive as much as the mother is willing to let it be. The daughters also need to trust that their fathers will always be for them. In both tough and good times.
Every girl needs the assurance from her father that there is nothing she could ever ever do that will change how he feels about her.
Every girl needs to know that she is her father’s child!

Many fathers struggle to relate with their daughters because they have not experienced it or they don’t know how.
A father daughter relationship has to have a foundation and laying this foundation takes a process based on availability, trust and many other principles.

To the woman who had no father while growing up; All you need to know is that God will always bring someone into your life to give you what you didn’t get.
You therefore need to deal with your bitterness over what you didn’t get in order to receive what you didn’t get.

My biological dad, passed on to glory when I was age 15

It’s hard for a woman to be without covering. We all need partnership in this life. It’s not good to be alone.
Don’t let ur young self to write a check your old self can’t pay. You will need people in your old age. Allow yourself to build relationships while you’re still in your youth.

Be strong
Refuse to be mean.
Men need to understand that you need them.
Create room for your father. He needs to be your hero. He needs to feel significant.
Stop being a strong woman who can’t cook.

Don’t let pain grow inside of you. Cry but get back up again. Get over the things that hurt you. Look pain in the face from more angles than your own, and get over it. You can’t let your past rob you of your future.
Daddy issues come with fear to trust and lead to marital issues.
Refuse to let emotions drive your car/life.

He calls me #Dota. Talks to me on a daily.

Be strong, take care of yourself.
Have a dream and vision for yourself so you can be partners equally contributing to life. Have a man because you want one not because you need one.

Forgive your father,
There are no perfect people.
Whatever drove him away probably had nothing to do with you.
God still used him to bring you into this world.
Forgive him, enlarge your tent and receive from your heavenly father.

Your vision shall come to pass, God will bring wine out of your hard moments, every close door will be opened.
May your belly receive life Dear daughter. Receive peace and all that your father could not give you.
God is your father.
Live like you are your father’s child.
Daddy is always ready to hug you.
Rest your head in the covering of love❤️❤️❤️

Inspired by Sarah Jakes Roberts and T.D Jakes sermon on Daddy Issues.

I am the Lioness Arising!
Words from the Pot.


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  1. Though I may not be a woman, this post still resonated with me on multiple levels. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a working relationship with my father and with God, I don’t know. But reading this piece infused me with a sense of loss, of lack, and of a longing. I’m glad I got the chance to read this.

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    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks dear for reading.. may your relationship life with the respective persons get aligned. That’s my prayer for you

      Liked by 1 person

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