A chit to bae


It’s so amazing how;
Yesterday’s cold evening could not only let me enjoy my African tea in peace but also pushed me into a love zone one which usually comes with me penning down hearty messages for the one I love. Yes I still write those letters/chits…
Below is what my heart wrote to my bae❤️

I love the way you are growing into a kingdom man, keep it up dear
A love so sweet…how more tender can you get
A memory so fond…how adorable it is
A beauty so colorful…only smiles can testify
A ray so deep…just a sparkle
A gift from God…how so well wrapped!!
A treasure so precious…only the heart can tell

Begotten not made
One in being in the Father
A full armor in thyself
An awesome heart…only loving can see how precious you are
A sweet aroma…the flowers do their part
An ocean full of love and peace…so smooth and sound
A tear in the sea…a smile in the heart
The stars cannot fathom this love…fear the creator

I have not a good time other than in your arms
Trust me
I don’t intend to ever leave you
That I promised the Lord who sent you.
Better be ready for anything but an enjoyable ride alongside me

You will always be ma love 💕💝.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot


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  1. Sparkle✨ says:

    😭notes to a loved one are timeless

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  2. Gelax Chatroom says:


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