Have Faith


When you have faith in God on what He told you, you are stable throughout the storm.

Life presents you with many storms but I have overtime learned that during a storm you need recognize that Jesus Christ is on the boat with you. The presence of a storm doesn’t mean the absence of Christ Jesus. The presence of a storm doesn’t mean the absence of Victory. Be hopeful..

You need to always speak to the storm and let your faith in God be your response. The voice you believe in will determine the future you experience.

Personally, I experienced the above lesson in August 2020. I intentionally chose to believe that God shall provide for all my needs and those of my family after a long period of worry due to unemployment. Even when the food containers went long hours empty, my faith never withered. I was at peace like never before to an extent that I was overwhelmed by my peaceful state . God always made ways for us to get our needs met through friends who did family shopping for us and/or giving us gigs that earned us #somekamoney to take us through. We have not gone a day fully without food.
He is still providing till now and I am sure I will not lack.

I encourage you my friend to keep calm, that dream will come alive or that promise by God will be fulfilled.
It will happen just as God told you.
Be at peace!
Have faith!
I love you.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot.


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  1. LisaRomans says:

    He’s faithful to provide for every one of our needs.

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