All about LOVE 2


Aspects of Love

Love manifests in various aspects that are quite distinctive and are inter related. You cannot choose the kind of love you prefer but all you need to learn is how to be perfected in love.

Each love aspect has its own special significant place and today I will share about the different Love aspects below;

This is a strong desire of any kind. When expressed positively it is desire and negatively it is lust. Lust is an evil desire without control.
This kind of love is romantic, passionate and sentimental. It’s all absorbing especially between man and woman.
One caution is that when it comes to this aspect of love, we ought to draw a line between foolish temporary infatuation and the true romantic love. Infatuation is an emotional and fleshy response to false impressions.

Also known as friendly conditional love. This manifests in form of companionship, comradeship and communication. It calls for mutual understanding and enjoyments. Conscious effort and commitment are key ingredients of phileo.
Furthermore, this aspect of love consists of friends who enjoy closeness, share each other’s thoughts, dreams, attitudes, time and interests.


This is love of self. It has all to do with obsession with self. This aspect of love makes one reluctant to give sacrificially but more conscious of one’s own needs.
People manifesting this kind of aspect usually love with limitations, refuse to love beyond offense, love based on performance, refuse to commit to long term engagements, lack boundaries, are deceitful, jealousy and abusive. Such love is based on feelings mainly.

This is the love of action and choice based on the character of God. It focuses more on what you do and act. It gives and keeps on giving without expecting in return.
Agape values and serves.
This aspect is exercised as a choice of your will and it is not dependant on your feelings. It is what sanitizes or perfects godly relationships.


This is love found in families and it is unconditional love. It is the comfortable and natural affection kind of love. It is shared through affectionate touch for example hugs amongst family members, words of blessings and counsel, quality time, forgiveness and restoration always.
This aspect of love provides an atmosphere of security in which relationships can safely dwell and flourish.
It gives a sense of belonging purpose, significance, acceptance and identity to the parties involved. Intimacy, trust , freedom, honesty and time are key factors that build up ‘storge’ love.

Question to ponder on:
What aspect of love are you manifesting now?

Therefore, let me remind you that growing in love is response to the actual character of another person and it takes time.
Character is tested when romance is away.


I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot

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  1. Love the way you broke each type down clearly. May God teach us to love the right way.

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    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks friend for reading


  2. Thanks Justyn, I actually didn’t know about Epithumia and Storge as kinds of love. Learnt something new.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      You’re welcome dear one. Glad you learned something… Thanks for reading

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  3. Kadali says:

    i manifest all love

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