How to live a Wondrous life


A Wondrous life is an extraordinarily good or great life.

For one to live such a life, one needs to;

Be present in people’s lives.
Show up each time you are able. Show up in both the good and bad times for your people. Create time for people, give a listening ear, invite people in your spaces and likewise reach out to people.

Move from being cluttered to simplicity.
Do things in a simple and excellent way. Get that house or office desk organised. Organize your sermon or lecture notes of you are to have an effective presentation.

Move from procrastination to making a decision.
Stop waiting to do the next right thing. Procrastination is not patience. It is one of the biggest destroyers joy in the world and a thief of time. Learn to do the things you are meant to do now, now…

Move from uncertainty to boldness.
Those who are winners have had a lot of failures. Faith pleases God. Be bold and take a risk. You can only win if you try. Step out and get swimming…

Appreciate God and people.
Be grateful for the life you live everyday. It’s through gratefulness that you will be able to see how much you are loved and the good in others. Grateful souls are joyful souls and these are a great encouragement to the world out there.

Aristotle famously said,
“We are what we do repeatedly.”
Success and happiness are largely the result of practicing good habits.

Gear your habits towards living a Wondrous life.

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot


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