MY BEST PROJECT with Wami Foundation

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With joy and gladness, here I am to let you know that I am blessed to volunteer with Wami Foundation as an administrator and I am forever grateful to God. At Wami Foundation, we exist mainly to bridge gaps in society through word and deed. I also invite you to like our page of Facebook so that you may keep up to date with what we are working on. It is where we get to tell stories of gaps bridged and lives transformed.

I also convey thanks to some of you my champions for always supporting us each time we reach out to you. This year we make two years in serving God’s people as the foundation and to Celebrate this, we are each (core team ) sharing our most outstanding project we have ever worked on.
Below is my most heart warming project among the so many amazing ones the Lord has led us onto till realisation.

My best project was the one named SKILLING THE URBAN CHURCH WOMAN. It took place in March 2019 from the 26th to 28th at Calvary Chapel Kampala. As regards this project, the foundation aimed at mainly adding value to the urban church women in Kampala through empowering them with hand skills that can help them earn a living as they produce various products which can be exchanged for money thereby being able to meet their basic needs.

During this project, I was blessed by the evidence of a total of 50 women representatives from 6 different churches that is; Calvary Chapel Kampala, St. Peter’s COU Naguru, Miracle Centre Cathedral, True Worshipers Church, All Saints Cathedral and Pentecostal Assemblies of God Entebbe being equipped with skills in carpet crocheting, making reusable sanitary towels and beadery work. Each woman who attended the trainings was blessed to take home the materials and tools used during the training in addition to the products they made.This gesture of extending generosity by Wami Foundation also warmed my heart.

The trainings were wrapped up with a business talk to enlighten the women more on what is required to run a successful business. Through the business talk, the women were encouraged to perfect their skills, partner with other people, exhibit persistence, table proposals and continue being passionate as they startup businesses or pursue their visions. This to me was a firm foundation to help these women better their lives and those of others within their reach.

At the end of the trainings, the women were grateful for the skills acquired and the tools received. Many of them promised to start producing products for sale and others promised to pass on the skills to other women in their communities and empower them. This to me was the both the winning testimony and speech, my heart was glad seeing grateful souls that are willing to make the world a better place to live in. It was also an only God moment seeing a few career women who had attended promising to use these skills to produce items that can earn them additional income. The joy of the women was so evident and some testified of how their lives are going to be better. This left everlasting marks of happiness and gratefulness on my heart.

I also felt a sense of purpose achieved, because right through this project, Wami Foundation had graced me with an opportunity to help people perform better through learning a new skill that would help them maximize their potential and live better lived.

I thank God for Wami Foundation team members (Micheal, Esther, Evelyn,Otim and I ) who have consistently continued to harken to the Lord as regards being about His people. Cheers to bridging more gaps in society.

The Core team

“We all desire to live intentionally and intentional living requires adding value to people!”

As told by;
The Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot


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  1. Aww you’re doing so great Justy. Thank you for empowering the women especially. ☺️ Bless you

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    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks Daniella. Amen to the blessing. I do all this by God’s grace

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  2. Penzi says:

    This is such a great initiative. May God continue equipping you even for more.



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