2- The Gift of People

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2️⃣I thank God for blessing me with fruitful people.
A people I call my nation!

In most cases, God does things on earth mainly through people and for me I cannot tell my life story withouts mentioning people. I am a true definition of the statement , “you are the sum total of the people you spend time with.”
People have brought so many good tidings into my world and this is why I am here to thank God for:

1. People who pray for me;
These constantly call on my phone to audibly pray with me
Share the word of God with me
Speak into my life prophetically
Encourage me to trust in God by sharing their testimonies
Invite me for fellowships and services just to stir up my soul
And are always there to celebrate with me each time I have a testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness

2. People who boost my health
These constantly make sure I have food to eat and provide when I don’t have
Share with me dance videos for me to dance my way to fitness. They want to see me fit
Others are still getting me to swimming so that I add it to my physical health activities
They also keep engaging me in hearty conversations just to hear me out and keep me sane mentally
Always reminding me to reduce on my sugar and junk intake
And maintain that I take natural fruit juice instead of soda each time we are hanging out with them

3. People who extend generosity towards me;
Oh my God, these have loved on me with their possessions and life
They have blessed me with beautiful gifts; Oh, how I love gifts!
Honored me with their money, money I have used to meet some of my needs
Gone out of their way to show up physically to spend their time with me talking about life
Blessed my family too with gifts and foodstuffs even in my absence. Yes, I have people who visit my family even when I am away. They extend their loving hearts to my family.
And have gone on to connect me to opportunities where I can fully serve my gifts and get compensated.

4. People who support my personal growth;
These have read through my written work and provided constructive feedback
Constantly shared with me important lessons and life principles to help me be a better leader and writer
These have held me accountable. Oh my God, they ask me the hard questions and ensure that I answer them
Are always checking on me to find out how I am doing financially and offer help where I need to better management
Are available to answer my questions that I have about life in general
And have greatly invested in my acquiring of knowledge by sending me to school, buying me books, sponsoring me to attend some conferences and meetings with some people. All this to get me being a better version of myself.

5. People who generally do life with me;
These have encouraged me to keep leading and have led with me in different places,
Each day reminded me verbally how they believe that I will win in life
Constantly pointed me to my strengths and push me to maximize them
Regularly taken me for hangouts to have good meals or prepared for me good food at home
Lovingly and joyfully hugged me in my tough moments when I need a shoulder to lean on
And humbly taken a walk with me and held my hand physically just to help me drop off that excess baggage
They have intentionally shut me up when I begin to speak the wrong things into my life and then get me into worship moments or remind me of who I am
They have also hosted me in their homes for sleepovers where we spend the whole night catching up and doing life together for a couple of days hence knowing each other to deeper levels.

These people are my friends, mentors and leaders.
I thank God for them and continue to pray that with long life the Lord shall satisfy them.
I easily love because these people love me. They are my support system, one that God has blessed me with to walk this life journey with.
My heart is full and I stand in awe with thanksgiving.

I believe each of us has such people, may we continue to love them not just in word but in deed too.
I love because I was first loved by God and through His people!

I am the Lioness Arising!
©Words from the Pot

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