The effectiveness of leadership is determined by one’s ability to influence!!

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Your relationship with others will gauge how you influence them. This is true to the fact that Leadership is influence as always emphasized by John C Maxwell in most of his writings.
I therefore choose to define influence as being able to move people in a defined direction from here to there as regards their purpose and potential; and this is only possible if you intentionally pursue relationships with them.

People who are known to be influential have discovered and constantly practice the principle that“ “People matter to God” ”and therefore, set out their hearts to engage with them. Naturally, followers are always drawn to leaders who are humane and have a heart for people. They will easily respect leaders who care about their followers’ well-being and are ready to come down to them and engage in real life talks while building them up.

Friendship of so far a decade

Cultivating relationships with people also has various positive vibes it comes with;

First and foremost, you get to know the people you are leading, their hearts desires or burdens, character, abilities, talents, weaknesses and potential. Whenever you get clear knowledge of the people you are leading, greatness and effectiveness is easily achieved. This is mainly because then you are able to put the right people in their right seats. Jim Collins in his book Good to great emphasizes that for a company to achieve its purpose, it needs to have the right people in the right seats at the right time on the right bus and this is only possible if there is an intentional relationship with them of any caliber.

In addition, relating with people also brings you as a leader to a place of vulnerability, which in my opinion creates and builds trust with your followers. When followers start looking at a leader as a normal human being who goes through ups and downs just like them, then they will easily give in all they have to see the vision implemented. For example, the famous story highlighted in 1 Samuel :22 about “David’s 400 hundred men” clearly depicts a leader who is willing to lay down his life for people, live and grow with them till their potential is fully tapped into towards achieving a common goal. David earned trust from these men something I believe made his leadership easier and more effective.

In conclusion, I believe there is a reason as to why God puts you in leadership places to lead His people. Him being a relational God, He therefore expects you to get interested in people’s lives too and build each other up. He expects you to love them wholly and grow together. This is because you can only help someone to grow if you are in a relationship of any form with them.
I am also reminded that it is the people you relate with that are able to come to your rescue as a leader when problems arise. They will encourage you, celebrate and also mourn with you.

I implore leaders to share their time, love, gifts, expertise, wisdom and many more with the people we lead by intentionally relating with them and moving the journey towards achieving God’s purpose for their lives together with them.

Leaders value people because there is nothing more fulfilling than being part of great relationships that help people become better!


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