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Hello my world, it has been a minute without hearing from me and finally here I am. This week I shall share with you 4 market champions who shall be telling us about how they started their businesses, what they offer and how we can support them among others.

Today, we start off with an interview I had with JONAN KANDWANAHO, a great chemical engineer, entrepreneur and friend I have been blessed to do life with in different capacities. Amongst the many things he does, he is the Managing Director for Jonakee Holdings Limited and is a Straight Forward Financial Growth(SFFG) Certified Coach. Here is a collection of what he had to say about the business he runs;

Introduction: Jonan Kandwanaho is a chemical engineer (bachelors & Masters)-Makerere University; Post-Graduate in Project Planning and Management-UMI, Post-Graduate-Trade Policy and Facilitation-TRAPCA, ESAMI-ARUSHA; I am a Market Place Pastor/Champion at KIN Church; Senior-Planner Chemical Industry, National Planning Authority (NPA), Managing Director, Jonakee Holdings Limited and a husband to one wife.

How the business idea was generated: I was once blessed to work with some Ugandan government institution as a volunteer staff (graduate intern) before I joined National Planning Authority (NPA) in 2011. At the Ugandan government institution, staff members were averagely paid that is 1,500,000Ugx per month and most of them had worked for over 8-10years. It was during one of the months -June, while crossing from one financial year to the next and there are usually delays in salary payments. It was then that one of the staff confided in me about the fact that he did not have fuel(gas) for his car and that he had came by boda-boda (motorcycle in Uganda) to work. He further requested me to lend him 200,00oUgx which he promised to pay as soon as we got paid (and this was usually in one week’s time). I thereby obliged but with a condition requiring him to put interest equivalent to 40,000Ugx. After his encounter with me, he went and told other colleagues with the same issues to come to me for help and that is how this business (Money lending) started. Therefore, I started lending to many staff at that institution. In addition to the above, I also realized that; it is possible for a person who had worked for over 10years at a pay of 1,500,000Ugx per month to still struggle to that level. There and then, I questioned myself whether I should head for the same route, my response was NO! This gave me the final decision of having this as a business and off I started.

The Vision of Jonakee Holdings Limited is: To be a leading financial institution in provision of integral, fast and excellent services.

The Mission is: To establish innovative, reliable and customer centric systems to ensure fast and efficient services.

What Jonakee Holdings Limited does.. (video produced by Jonan Kandwanaho)

Inception and products offered: We started operating in 2011, though we formally registered in 2019 as Jonakee Holdings Limited. We offer both personal and business financial loans of up to 150,000,000Ugx, at 8% per month; We also have a company branch for car hire services and bridal cars. I was able to raise funding for my business partly using my salary and ploughing back the returns in addition to getting credit at lower rates from colleagues, SACCOS and Investment Clubs where I belong and lending at a higher rate

When taking on an employee: I look out for Integrity, Character and Hard-work; these are our values;

NO. 1 Big Hairy Audacious goal (BHAG) as regards business is to: Transforming Jonakee Holdings Limited into a bank.

I define success as: Impacting businesses and individuals in financial aspects; testimonies of the success stories with my hand in them

My most satisfyingly moment in business so far is: When I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit to write-off a single mother’s loan, and as soon as she brought the amount in office for payment, I just told her your loan is cleared. She broke down and cried. I shall never forget that!

I would advise someone starting business to: Keep growing gradually, starting now and get a mentor in the industry of their business, especially someone doing the exact business.

Other people can support my business by: Marketing and sharing testimonies especially those who have tasted of our services; especially referrals and sharing our flier on the different social media plat forms.

In life, I am motivated by: The desire to serve humanity because in a way I shall be serving God. I am just stewarding this business, so I have to be a faithful steward that grows and multiplies this that the Lord has blessed me with by serving humanity.

For self-care: I just relax, stop and rest. Thanks!

Jonan Kandwanaho can be found on Facebook and Twitter You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel for his business coaching lessons. For Jonakee Holdings Limited services, please call +256 704 272 756 or +256 – 779 272 756 and do business in a better way.

As told by Jonan Kandwanaho a.k.a Ambassador J


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  1. Samuel Casa says:

    I think it’s time my friend you expose me to such people. I must admit Mr. Akandwanaho is a big book for any African to read

    Am happy to be on this platform

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    1. justynlove says:

      I have shared His contacts please reach out to him…

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