Marketplace Champion -2

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As we continue with the Marketplace champion series, where I have conversations with my friends who are operating businesses the first one having been Marketplace Champion -1 with Jonan Kandwanaho,

Today I bring you the second one – an interview I had with NINAH NANFUKA. She is one of the great administrators you shall find in Uganda and the world at large. She is also an entrepreneur who solely runs NINAH’S WEEKEND KITCHEN that caters to the world’s food needs in a unique way and is a long time friend whom I have been blessed to do life with at a personal level.

Therefore; Here is a recap of what Ninah had to say about the business she runs;

Introduction: My name is Ninah Nanfuka, the face behind Ninah’s Weekend Kitchen my new venture that offers great and delicious food services. I also work at Garage Group as the Finance and administration manager.

Business Idea generation: The idea was strongly birthed from my love for good food and cooking. This also culminated into me wanting to share this with other people as well as create an opportunity for other unemployed youth to find work to do.

Inception and products offered: I officially started running NINAH’S WEEKEND KITCHEN in January 2021. We offer fast food platters for small events. We also do meal preps for individuals. I was able to finance my business through my extra savings and part of my salary. I chose to invest in this venture solely.

When taking on an employee: I look out for Integrity, hard work, honesty, flexibility and continuous innovation as well as self-drive. These are vital for anyone who desires to be on the NINAH’S weekend Kitchen team.

My NO. 1 Big Hairy Audacious goal (BHAG) as regards business is to: build an international food franchise that impacts society positively.

I define success as: Having a happy and satisfied client sharing great feedback about us, our food and service to the world at the end of the day.

My most satisfyingly moment in business so far was: My first event that I catered to. It had a number of guests way out of my capacity then, but together with my team we managed to pull it off successfully.

I would advise someone starting business to: Take calculated risks, learn from mistakes and not to rush the process. With patience and integrity, Victory will come.

Other people can support my business by: Booking with us to carter to their small events as well as recommend us and follow our social media channels @ninahsweekendkitchen

In life, I am motivated by: The fear of being broke and not being able to meet my needs

For self-care: I love to sleep, eat or visit the salon.

Ninah Nanfuka can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram.
Do you have any small event and you need food? Ninah’s Weekend Kitchen is the place for you. You can contact the Kitchen via these numbers +256-782-262-610 / +256-705-209-582 or on Whatsapp @ +256-783-024-297

As told by NANFUKA NINAH ©2021 (Images: From Ninah’s gallery)


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