Shukrani Series -1

#BirthMonth #OnlyGod

Shukrani is a Swahili word for gratitude/thank you / appreciation …

One of the days in the month of MAY bears my birthdate and in honor of this, I choose to take on this journey of sharing with the world my gratitude list. God has done and is still doing many things and I shall write about a few of them in a 3 part series starting today. May is not only my birth month but it also bears my father’s birthday (RIP), 2 of my heart friends’, cousin and my Jewel’s birthdays. Therefore, it being a happy month for me, I come bearing stories of gratefulness below;

Once when I wear a dress!

Something about me: Ability to love. I have been hurt a thousand times, betrayed and almost murdered but yeah, I still have the energies to love all by God’s grace. And I love mainly because I was first loved and I am called to love. Love is a beautiful thing. I cannot trade it for anything. To do it even when the storms against it are heavy, is an #Only God moment.

A gift: My Recent journal. Because I love to document every event in my life, writing is part of my nature and daily activity. I recently received a beautiful journal that i am in love with. It is my second one after the first that I received on my birthday in 2019 from my lovely spiritual parents. I look forward to writing down in this my new journal starting on my birthday. I know I shall have beautiful memories in the year I am starting that will need to be kept forever in my journal. Mandela my friend, thanks for the thoughtful and heavenly gift.

Second journal

A passion/hobby: Raising leaders. I am very passionate about helping people discover the star in them and going on to shine their shine. I will always be glad to walk with someone towards them maximizing their potential in whatever area God has called them to lead in. This I do through informal mentoring and coaching downwards and I too have mentors and coaches. Feel free to contact me if you need someone to walk with towards achieving that goal or working out that dream.

An opportunity: Serving in God’s ministry. Growing up, I loved being a priest in church settings, I went ahead to do Catechism so that I am close to ministering to people in church. Long story cut short, I confessed Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior at 12years (this was late) but yeah. Ever since then, I have been blessed to serve in different capacities like with the youth ministry and currently with the church organization. I mainly serve through my Administration and other leadership gifts. This is a great opportunity I thank God for because with it my relationship with God is in a better place, i have met many Kingdom champions who have accelerated me towards my purpose, reached out to people and given me family.

KIN Church, the ministry I serve at

Something which makes me smile: Impacting people’s lives for the better. Each time someone testifies of how they feel loved, have been encouraged or learned something positive through me, I cannot help it but smile. I hope to be remembered for helping people perform better through love, leadership and my capabilities.

A friend: Benjamin Musanjufu Kavubu of the Benjamin WATCH blog. I thank God for you and your uniqueness in my world. I thought I was a friend until you happened in my life. You my friend are a top tier kind. Your level of availability in my life is A-class. You are there for me daily even amidst your tight schedule and never get tired of my interesting comments. I hope I can learn Chess😊 faster in honor of this our friendship.

BENJAMIN MUSANJUFU (Image Source: Benjamin)

My health/wellbeing: Normal blood volume. Growing up, I struggled with anaemia and other sicknesses but that is history now. For a long period, I have not been diagnosed with anaemia. God keeps reminding me to take foods with iron and for this I am grateful. Being healthy is something only God can do. My body is indeed a Disease Free Zone and God is my covering. No evil shall come near me…

A guilty pleasure: Chocolate and holding hands. These are interestingly things that calm me down when I am tensed. I thank God for the producers of chocolate right from the farmers and my friends who once in a while hold my hands and tell me all those prophetic utterances. These are constantly consumed in my world. I am also grateful for people who gift me chocolates, especially dark ones. You melt my heart❤️❤️❤️.

I am a sweet tooth = chocolate

Something which made me laugh: A kind statement from a friend. A friend recently told me this, “But I want to learn the guitar. That way I can easily sing you a song on our wedding day 😂”. This got me into laughter. It sounded so daring and I felt like this my friend was indeed my Australian dream as my Twin likes to tell me each time we are talking about my dreams and the things I like . I laughed that whole day. 😂😂😂

Something/someone that inspires me: Kuc Esther Clare. A friend and sister. This my friend inspires me to love both in word and deed . Her devotion to prayer is an element that cheers me each time I think of giving up on God. Her hug comes with waves of , “Dear J, you shall make it and it is well “. Her obedience to God is to imitate, ask her for advice and you shall receive a well of wisdom and for this reason I like to pass my tough decisions by her. Above all her honor towards people has challenged me to move onto honoring people in my spaces. It is heavenly to be inspired by someone you love and I am blessed to have Kuc for that.


🤗🤗Do you you have anything you are grateful for? Feel free to share in the comments or with your family and friends.

Gratitude is a must and watch out for part 2 over the weekend… 💃💃💃

Till then,

I am the Lioness Arising
©Words from the Pot

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  1. Tim says:

    Gratitude is a must. I love that.

    Also, that friend of yours who wants to learn the guitar for that reason, tell him we love him and we cannot wait 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      I should tell him… He is too focused…


  2. conniedia says:

    Indeed you are inspiring and transforming lives…. We bless God for you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This post was so calming and beautiful. I love that you document everything about your, that way you remember it all. Thank you for being this vessel of positivity and God’s word. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks sis… Thanks for reading and thanks for loving ne


  4. Gratitude just changes one’s whole perspective…..I love love this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justynlove says:

      Thanks Kate


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