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BLESS MY ROOTS is a campaign is geared towards enhancing the ability of Compassion International Alumni to actively participate in raising of the next transformed and empowered generation of leaders learning from shared experiences. It shall run from 10th -13th June 2021 in Masaka by Wami Foundation in partnership with Tulina Omubeezi CDC in Masaka, Uganda.

Below is an open letter to Compassion International (CI) written by one of the beneficiaries (Alumni). This letter will help you understand why BLESS MY ROOTS is happening;

Dear Compassion International (CI),

First of all, allow me to commend you for the amazing work you’re doing worldwide of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Well done and may God continuously increase your reach and impact.

My name is Kajibwami Micheal, an Alumnus of Compassion International (CI) both CDSP and LDP programs. I joined CI on 20/10/2000 and after 15 amazing years, I graduated as an Ambassador of God’s goodness through the works of CI.

My life was impacted in numerous ways that I may not be able to expound in writing, but let me share a few that come to mind.

  1. Through CI, I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour on 31/3/2003 from a well-grounded Catholic family. The day I got saved, my dad was disappointed because, I was aligned to join the team of Altar boys in the Catholic Church. My Salvation Journey has been an amazing one with lots of lessons picked along the way.
  2. I received the best quality and relevant Education. I graduated from the best Engineering School in Uganda, and, the impact of those years in School is still evident in the things I do.
  3. Coming from a broken and humble family, my world was always filled with self-pity, low self-esteem and negative thoughts of, “I will never make it in life.” This thought might embrace close to 60% of all the Alumni of CI. Today, I am a life example of an unstoppable man, full of passion and purpose.
  4. I was blessed with a Family. My sponsors became a part of my life, and, even after the program, they chose to take me in as their Son. Please note, they have loved me, believed in me and continuously prayed for me. Because of my love for them, currently, my name is (Kajibwami Micheal Bovier Antkowiak Aneja). These three other names have become a daily reminder of how Jesus has loved me beyond measure.

Well, the list can go on and on but let me get to the point.

In 2015, I was commissioned to become an Ambassador of Servant Leadership after four years of the Leadership Development Program, that sought to raise and position servant leaders to influence positive change.

In order to realize continuity, in 2018, God led me to start an indigenous NGO called Wami Foundation, that seeks to bridge organizational gaps in word and deed. For the last two years of existence, we have seen God use us to bless over 1000 plus lives through our programmes.

We focus on helping struggling NGOs to realise their goals, through providing free Management Consultancy services, and also contributing to the different physical needs of less advantaged people in Uganda. Our focus in that regard has been on supporting orphanages, contributing to the plight of Menstrual Hygiene in Schools and also Skilling women with economic skills to end household poverty.

This year on 10/6/2021 I will make 29 years. Not like any other birthday, God has challenged me to BLESS MY ROOTS. Most of the CI Alumni never really think about visiting their sending projects. These projects contributed greatly to the people we have become. We have Politicians, Religious Leaders, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Chefs, CEOs etc. I personally think, without CI many people would have been in rather some unfortunate spaces now. Thank you CI.

This year 10th – 13th June 2021, Through Wami Foundation, we are partnering with my sending CDC project (Tulina Omubeezi CDC) to return home and bless our roots. God has given me an amazing team of 7 Alumni who have passionately embraced the idea. (Wasswa Ambrose, Patrick Ssekuta, Joanita Nanyunja, Nassolo Immaculate, David Assimwe and Micheal Lubega). This team has been amazing. This team is supported and guided by the current Leadership structures of the Project led by Project Director and Overseer.

Our part is to mobilise 779 Alumni from this project that has been in existence for the last 27 years. May God help us realize a great number in the remaining few days.

We desire to meet the current children on the program and share with them how God got us from NOTHING to SOMETHING through CI. Our desire is to challenge them to keep focused amidst the different distractions life has to offer.

We are targeting the current parents and guardians, we want to encourage and thank them. And also share thoughts on how they can remain relevant to their children amidst sponsorship, and positioning them for life after CI. We desire to skill them with relevant customized skills, that can be turned into income generating ideas.

We are also targeting our project hosting community and we want to return home and send a statement that Jesus still lives. We want to clean the town, visit the market, pray with the people in a gesture we have termed, SERVICE OPPORTUNITY. We hope as the elders bend to pick the rubbish, the children will be encouraged to become better than us.

We intend to start a wave where Alumni can return home and bless their sending project through different customized activities.

Finally, we desire to witness about God’s goodness with our sending church. We have sought permission to lead in all the Sunday activities at church on 13th June 2021.

This campaign will not only end with my sending project, but I desire to use the lessons on this first encounter to challenge fellow CI Alumni from different sending projects to go back home through partnering with the Foundation.

Well, I can go on and on but I would like to let you know that I represent a huge number of Alumni with the same thought of gratitude.

And we can collectively thank you by, being your great ambassadors but also, blessing our roots.

Dear Family, Join us as we take on a new challenge to bless over 600 people in 3 days.
Save, Give and Pray. Contributions can be sent through to +256-775-759-477

My heart felt gratitude and honor to you CI.

As Written by;

Micheal kajibwami Bovier Antkowiak Aneja

I am the Lioness Arising
©Words from the Pot

I can also be found on Twitter and Facebook❤️❤️❤️


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